Terminator REX

by Duplicate3D May 13, 2014
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I too would like to know the devices used for the eyes.

Does anyone have a link for the lights used for the eyes?

could i please get a raw file to edit and change?

how do you create such a smooth finish? in most pictures there is a ruff surface all round

anyone seen the stand file for this? comments said it was included in files but i havent seen it.

for those looking for the stand--> https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:308335

The T-Rex Skull
Comments deleted.

Such a shame that this magnificent beast wasn't actually in any of the "Terminator" movies...... The "Jurassic Park" series would have gone out-of-business forever......

Good Job, may I ask where I can get the Stand for it? Thank you in advance :)

Its in the file he remixed off of

Thank you for your reply. But I cant find it. Maybe Iam blind or so :D May you can paste the link for it?

can you make the body for Terminator REX?

About 80.000 views and 21.000 downloads without having been featured !!!

This model is great. Just finished printing. Any idea where I can get the display base with pole????

Wish I could get this to print right. :P

Thank you again for this model . I finish it now in silver metal and looks amazing! Thanks!

beautiful model, great job!

Do you have a link for the stand for the T-Rex?

Look for "Remixed From" under "Thing Details" above.

Do you have a link for the stand for the T-Rex?

Some of my supports got broken when the nozzle traveled to them and it ended up causing the print to fail :(

Going to try again with 1mm z-hop in Cura and slow travel speed down to 60mm/sec.

Some of my supports got broken when the nozzle traveled to them and it ended up causing the print to fail :(

Going to try again with 1mm z-hop in Cura and slow travel speed down to 60mm/sec.

may u teach me how to do the painting?

nightmare fredbear

Are you all printing this with supports?

I left this printing overnight and today morning to my surprise the teeth were all hanging. Model is awesome, but you should tell people about the problem with simplify. Maybe you can save us some time and material.

What problem with simplify?

The teeth are independent bodies and Simplify3d has problems recognizing or processing parts that pass through each other. Use this one http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1472261 which is fixed

Terminator Rex Simplify3D Fixed

Awesome model, though try as I might I could not get this to print successfully.

Slic3r just doesn't want to play nice and I'm out of patience :)

Yeah, I can't get it to print right either. I used Slic3r and tried printing the latest jaw and skull (v1.41 & v1.42 respectively) on a Prusa i3 MK2 - no dice. I've tried the v1.37_works_in_slic3r and just got a mess. I guess I can try the versions with supports, but I have a feeling they won't do well either. The print fails within the first couple of minutes.

what program did you use?

I use 3ds Max for my 3d designs and renders

Sweet thank you! I really like this project also.

Where are the files for the base plate and pole?

I thought that maybe the new version had addressed the problems with Simplify3D printing the teeth mid air but unfortunately it hadn't. awesome print until the teeth.

Could you please add the Simplify3D fixed version if possible ?

pfff magnifique <3

merci ;)

question... how are u joining the skull to the jaws to get it to float in the air like that? are u gluing it?

Just a bit of super glue and I sanded the bits that dripped over after

Hey Justyalicea, yes a little bit of super glue does trick.

Hi sannyshine.
I am looking at trying to mill this part as appose to print it at the moment, i know it not designed for this purpose. i have got it looking pretty good but im struggling with the tubes joining the top and bottom jaw together and im wandering if its not much trouble if you could help me out by creating a model without these jaw tubes to try my hand at.

This never got done, did it?

Thats not a problem Miwat. If I've got some time this weekend I'll fix that for you.

Gave up printing this thing after 2 failed attempts. One with and without auto-support.

The teeth can not be printed. Its like hanging in holes. This is with simplify3d.

I have no idea how you guys are able to print this.

Hey Jup2000, It sounds like that Simplify3d is having problems recognizing or processing parts that pass through each other. Have you tried using Cura? It's the main slicer I use and it can handle these things easly.
I might have time to update the mesh if Cura is not working for you.

Just printed the skull, awesome work! Some detailed parts where there is support took me a while to clean out. The teeth was broken on both the jaw and the skull (latest version). Don't know why though. Rest was perfect but where the teeth is supposed to be connected with the skull/jaw, I get big holes.
As it was a long print, I missed it myself so couldn't see why. The rest of the skull/jaw is perfect, only the teeth that I had the issue with. It looks almost that the teeth is 0.5 mm from the skull/jaw.

Really good work, looking forward to see how it will come out after airbrushing it :)

Thank you for this comment I noticed the same problem on the slicer preview(I use Simplify3d) before printing it, I made it solid on meshmixer to fix this problem.

Do you mind uploading this?

Mate printing this right now and it looks fantastic. One question.... did you do the supports for the Terminator_REX manually or use software?
If software please let me know what.

Thanks for your comment Joostan, The supports in the last versions (V01.4) are made manually. Mostly because programs that make supports are not efficient enough for clean prints. The version 01.38 and 01.33 have support generated by 'Meshmixer' from Autodesk.

i have a question sir how to make the teeths?? i have a problem when printing the teeths

Did you tried to print the "Terminator_REX_V01.42_Skull.stl"? The teeth have a little bit overhang but shouldn't be a problem to print.

I cannot believe you didn't place in the competition, totally rigged lol.. I'm sure as soon as a kid seriously injures themselves on a T-Rex bike seat and sues Makerbot they realize they made at least one bad decision in the winners :)

Did they ever announce the winners of the competition?

This looks so awesome.

Soon to be leaving thingiverse because of Makerbot's behavior towards open source.
Details: http://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2014/5/25/has-makerbot-crossed-the-line-for-some-yeshttp://www.fabbaloo.com/blog/2...

have you considered breaking it up into separate pieces so that it can be printed in a manner similar to the original where it naturally does not need support. If you made some of the connecting pieces separate with holes to glue them in or connecting pins, you would have the added benefit of being able to use different colors for those pieces. This is just a thought. This is a very cool model!

Joefe, i've made a parted version (V01.41) on your request. It should print without extra support.

It prints well even in one piece and the supports don't seem to damage the teeth in any way. Only 8 hrs left and I can post a pic of the print)

Thanks, I'm curious about the printed result
Are you printing the build-in supports version? (like V01.38)
Becouse the upper-teeth must have some support, or they'll be printed in mid air.

Yes, I'm printing the latest one you have. It's at 21 hrs now, my printer is leaving a lot of "strings" on the model, but those are easily removable. Other than that there are no issues. As it prints, it's realising that it's going to take more though... :( initially it said 41 hrs, now it's saying 29 left after 21 have passed :( But it should be worth it in the end... Will pop back in 24 hrs to let you know how it's getting on...Should be printing teeth by then)

OMG...fantastic work! :D
I have to print this...NOW ;)

This has to be the best hands down.

Any photos of it printed?

Not yet.. i still have to print it, but my printer loves Bob Marley couse he's constantly jamming. ;)
So, i have to clean the hot-end first.
the nr1 thing I'll do if it's printed is upload a few photo's

And here comes the winner ;) Great Job.

definitely, either this or castle rexor

Just saw it now. Really great.

The castle is indeed a nice model

ahha thought the same thing