Mosaic Calibration Keychain (Updated 2019.01.08)

by MosaicManufacturing Dec 20, 2018
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one question, i was fiddling in chroma with the settings, when i delete my printer profile and start again, the same settings seem to be there still.

so now i have no idea what the original settings were for the following:

any where you guys have this documented? if not any help is greatly appreciated as now i'm fiddling with things and trying to hone and get it just right.

does the density of the tower matter? i printed the keychain again to give it a go, cancelled after first couple layers, the prime tower is like 1/4th the size of the one pictured here.

where would i find those setting defaults? i can't seem to reset them in chroma 3.1.3


Hey kmmacgill, once a printer profile is deleted, it cannot be recovered. If you do have questions about settings in Chroma, it would be best to send us an e-mail (support@mosaicmfg.com) with this information as it's easier to send pictures and provide further details.


just scale the z height on your slicer by like 105/110 %.

yes. it makes it WAY thicker. but i dont't bother with the entire print. i only print the first couple layers. because the thing about this print is designed to help determine if your Loading Offset (LO - length from Palette 2 to tip of your printer's nozzle) was completed correctly during your calibration print.

so why waste plastic on the layer bit there. just print a 2 color traffic cone or something else.

so this is nice because you can still use the model they worked on, and use the screenshot they uploaded to see if you roughly have 30%. but now you can actually use the model they uploaded onto here.

i'll print a make in the morning. it's late and wife and babies asleep.

also i printed my keychain earlier and i ran out of filament as you can see from my picture. so i'm hoping that this will help solve that issue.

Great to hear, and thanks for sharing! If you're finding that there's not enough filament at the end of your print, you may need to add a Bowden tube length depending on your printer: http://mm3d.co/bowden

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Supposedly they said to print this at .2 on the live stream. I didn't catch that. I had my first layer height in canvas set to .3 and the rest to .2 and the first layer color change doesn't happen. Canvas slices it as if the first layer is one body. This has been reported. I believe they are modifying the model.

i printed this in 0.3 and didn't show the bottom... fine the print actually turned out 100% perfect except for the fact that the pallet stopped and said no pings despite being 6 of them.... it must be some glitch here related to layer height and expected pings for color changes?

It is a glitch with the no ping found when the hub or palette has them. Talk to support and they said they are working on fixing that

It should be noted.
This must be slice at 0.2 or lower for the ALL layers. Or the bottom second color will not show up.
This model has thin layers. Going above 0.2 will cause those thin layers to not show up and not get printed.

0.15 layer height and still issue with the print not transitioning with the first layer. mine turned out like the other make posted. definitely issues with this stl.

definitely a problem with this model.... i don't want to wait more time to do calibrations so there's no reason they shouldn't fix it to 0.3 or any other layer.