Arc Reactor from Iron Man 2

by Landru Oct 24, 2012
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I had a question, not specifically about just this print but will be useful in the future.

On the casing piece, how would I go about increasing the height of the case without scaling the entire piece? Ideally I want to add 50% to the height, and if that doesn't work I would double it but as it stands I cannot assemble it with the soldering I have done on the back, and would like to potentially house a power source inside the case rather than rely upon one outside.

If there is a tool for this, or some easy way to do it, it's thus far eluded me but logically there has to be otherwise how would anyone make new designs?

If the answer is a link to an article etc.. I'm more than happy to do my own reading, if anyone can give me a little guidance though I would be appreciative!

I can see center leds are connected parallel, is it the same for outer's? Do You have a semantic?

Hi, I was wondering what you mean by this: "Low layer height is necessary on the coils and core to minimise the 'stairs' effect."
Do I have to do this manually, because I'm using a 3D printing service because I don't own a 3D printer. Also do I have to worry about the extrusion width when using a 3D printing service.

lowest infill in % would be...? how much in your case? does the light not spread better with a solid object?

i was thinking exactly the same thing. someone else who designed that one said the same as you and me so i thing this guy doesn't understand how light works.

I'm using the makexyz 3D printing service and the lowest infill I could go is 5%.

What size wire did you use?

Have hints on the led wiring - This is a bit overkill but still figuring out how I want to wire this up

Any suggestions for how to attach this thing to your body/clothes? It's time to get my Halloween costume ready :)

This thing was very hard to print. Slic3r hated it, but it all came out except for the core, which seemed to start printing a few millimeters from the actual bottom. Pics to come soon!

I added core and coils with wider slits. Hopefully that makes it easier for some slicers to handle.

Awesome dude! Thanks! I'm going to be wiring mine up this weekend. I'll post it when I'm done.

You say that the resistors are awkward since you used 0805 surface mounts; if you were to do this again, what kind of resistors would you use?

If I were designing it again from scratch, I would use a PCB with surface mount resistors and LED's.

The problem with the surface mount resistors is i was soldering them to regular wire (not a PCB) and that is rather hard.

ReplicatorG keeps crapping out on the Reactor Coils not sure why. Granted I'm still new and don't know the guts of gcode and such. 

Division by zero errors and http://comb.pycomb.py freaking out. Any thoughts? Running Build 0037

Did you ever figure this out? I'm running into the same problem with both RepG and Makerware.

Added new files with wider slits, maybe worth a try?

Hey Landru,

Just as an update, I tweaked some more settings and I did finally get a very nice print. Thank you again for your hard work on fixing this!

Hey Landru, thank you very much for putting extra work into this! At first I still couldn't get the new coils part to slice in RepG, I was getting problems in either the Clip or Comb plug-ins. I then tried Makerware and it sliced on the first try, though because I use a 3mm Thing-O-Matic variant, my custom profile isn't set up properly and the print quality came out very low. I went back to RepG and tried again, no dice. I rotated the model 90 degrees and tried again, this time it did slice. The print quality was again terrible, though. I just switched to a new filament, so that might be the problem. Thanks again!

The same thing has been happening to me. 
I've messed around with the settings but even with 0 infill and 0 shells it will still error out. It seems to be a problem with the file itself.

Did you ever figure this out? I'm running into the same problem with both RepG and Makerware. Very frustrating.

I'm using KISSlicer, and had no issues with it. Perhaps the thin spokes are problematic for RepG. Have you tried running the file through Netfabb to see if that makes any difference? 

can you send me the cad i wanna work it on catv5 so stp file

it will be pretty apprecieded because i use it for my final projet in my technical institute in montréal i give you my email [email protected]

I uploaded the .step file for you.