WireFrame Chess Set (2.0)

by ethanjurman May 13, 2014
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I made a face when I saw your chess set and look at your picture and realized you made the exact same face.. god bless the internet..

I find the pawn to be an excellent stringing test, as well as a beautiful piece,although the knight has been giving me some troubles, along with the rook.

I've printed 4 knights and all 4 came out kinda crappy any hints on how to make it better? It's also just in general the weakest piece of this set.

I'm really sorry the pieces came out poorly. If I addressed this set again I'd totally go at addressing the many issues that the knight has. As for right now I'm not doing much with the set, and I'm not even sure I have the resources to modify it again. Other people (I think) have had success printing it... And I would ask them about how to successfully print it. By weakest, do you mean strength or design (I would probably agree on both accounts lol)

I actually love the design of it just the weakest structurally. I'm gonna try to print it again but much slower and see what happens.

Hey, I tried getting these as a group, but when I tried exporting the fixed set, it keeps on giving me "slice wireframe_fixed" error. Wondering what the solution might be.

What application are you using?

i will be printing these so you can post up pics of them

i will be printing these so you can post up pics of them

Absolutely beautiful!

Very nice set!!! but I think knight has to be redesigned to be printed on FDM....
I may try give it a shot

I'd be interested in seeing that redesign!!

the knight, it is impossible to print on fdm.

If anyone is using slic3r, it is possible to break the .stl file up through the slic3r program. Just add the wireframe.stl file in the plater and then use the split feature. You can then select the pieces you want to delete/keep. If you want to save the pieces as their own .stl files then you can just delete every piece except the one you want and export it as an .stl file. Voila.

Most excellent!

="thingiverse-b76e22cd884e9aaa9c897f6825873956:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-b76e22cd884e9aaa9c897f6825873956/solarprism sure thing! if there is anything wrong with the individual stl's just tell me and I'll see what I can do!

Please upload individual piece. Thank you :)