Ender 3 Side Spool Converter Bracket

by Elproducts Dec 21, 2018
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I found this design or one of its remixes a few days ago. I recently re-did my direct drive modification to my Ender 3. I've found that this works great on the top extrusion feeding the filament straight down to the extruder/hotend. I may try to remix an endcap for the spool holder, but I haven't had the spool fall off (from left to right movement on the X axis) yet. YET. lol

EDIT: I did have to do some testing and adjust my Z maximum height. But I don't print a lot of big stuff, so it's no big deal. It can be mounted on the back side of the top extrusion to avoid that, but it would probably need a guide to make it more efficient there. As it is, it doesn't need anything because it basically feeds straight into the extruder.

I tried printing this on my Ender 3. The spool ended up touching the Z axis cables and I got extrusion problems because the spool got caught and obstructed.
All in all this is probably good for some setups, but for mine it didn't work unfortunately.
However, it fit the aluminium extrusions really well and the holes for the stock bracket lined up super well

Spool sizes do vary. Check the remixes. One of them extended the length to solve what you describe.

Might also be my cable placement. Nevertheless, I can tell it's a good converter for those who jusit want to use stock parts :D

Hi CHEP, just wanted to say that I was really impressed how well this all went together and using the stock hardware was a big bonus! Great design!

Is it possible for you to add the piece which slides into the extrusion on the other arm also or is it really not needed for support? This is my second day printing so I've a while before I learn how to do the modelling!! LOL

Hi, I have been trying to print your design as well as others that have remixed it, but I am getting errors in Slic3r and someone reporting the part as not "watertight" in Cura? Not sure what that means but are you able to share the step file maybe, or a repaired version?

Screenshot attached of how the part loads into Slic3r

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Didnt work on my ender beacuse the spool is too big, the spool arm or what its called is to short.

I couldn't find it just now, but there are remixes of this that take the spool up higher using the same mechanism for attachment. I have a 0.5kg spool that is wider diameter that gave me some issues as well.

Great improvement, but mine structurally failed under load with my printer settings, see attached. Any advice on how to make this more robust? I will increase infill from 20%. I'm still working on dialing in my settings, these are mostly default. Line width 0.4mm, wall thickness 0.8mm, layer height 0.24, nozzle/bed temps 205C/60C, 60mm/s.

The individual layers look nice, but they're not sticking together. I'd try again with increments of +5C on hotend temps to see if they meld together better. I've also started running my PLA bed at 70C instead of 60C and having better results. You can also cut your speed down to 50mm/s that way your initial layers are 25 instead of 30.

Print it with at least 1 mm Wall thickness and 50% Infill.

if you watch his video he said he did a 50% infill.

Would be nice to put that in the Thing details, then.

Try it with a thicker wall and more infill.

thanks for sharing this. i had an issue with filament cutting a notch in my extruder gear saved me buying a newone.

It does not move the coil far enough from the motor, the filament (bobbin) does not center with the entrance of the extruder.

how can you center the extruder entrance as it is moving up along the z?!?!?!?!?!?

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Thanks for sharing this with us. I see the extruder and stepper motor cables are positioned under the filament holder. Are you sure they wont snag when printing tall models ?

I tested mine and it reaches but you can route it the other side if you want.

Indeed, that's what I did. No problem to reach the top. Thanks :-)

Oh man, I've had to mount mine on the side of the left rail towards the top, restricting its Z travel. Thanks a bunch man!