Hot Wheel Track 90 deg Turn, 10 deg Bank w/ Improved Joiner (100mm, 150mm, 200mm Radius)

by malamaker Dec 22, 2018
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Hi, great works!

btw i already tried to customize from your 180 degree turn to 90, by put a connector from your half 180 design,but im frustrated with the width of the "mouth" it need to be adjusted,i think it's better if you make a little more drop just like in your 180 degree design into this 90 degree turn so the cars didnt draggin to much to the wall, btw you didnt setup the tip yet? :p

oh 1 more, its better if you change the connector design into the vintage model of hot wheels,you can see the design from mattel hot wheels turn it,they didnt put any "nod" so it will fit backwards model of straight track, btw i can prnt it without any support in pla, im using ender 3,

@giessnawan Thanks! its awesome to see you customizing the designs!!!

The width was adjusted to accommodate the cars as they made the turn to not get stuck... especially the longer cars. Also I learned as a car makes the turn if you maintain the slanted edges the car is more likely to flip or eject from the track hence why the corner is shaped at the 90 the way it is. This was partly why I put out the 45 and 90 degree turns. I have been working on these models over the last couple months to be able to create any angle, bank and radius you want with just a couple variables in Fusion360.

I have been looking at doing more drop style models... I just want them to be more versatile because it sucks designing the same things over and over so I have been taking my time modeling like I mentioned above (Software developer by day so I like automating and simplifying my life even if it takes me more time :P ).

Appreciate the feedback on the tongue design and backwards compatibility. That is an easy ask to fulfill... a lot of my modeling revolves around my twin boys track so I tend to have blinders on when it comes to what other people might be looking for. Thanks for the info on the support... I will try printing some in the next couple days without support in ABS and see how it fairs (I'm a huge ABS printer).

My previous models that have the receiver style connector or the new style connector. I plan on updating them to be more like the current models with a backwards compatible version for each model like you suggested. I have been doing some kid based testing on the new style and this has proven to be "simpler is better". This morning my 8 year old nephew was playing with the new 90deg turns and he was changing the configs with ease (victory!). So updated models to come as time allows with the 180 degree versions.

Thanks again for the feedback, @giessnawan let me know if there is anything else you find with my models or improvements that could be made. This project has been a huge trial and error effort to build out and compliment what you can buy at the store. Hot wheels makes great standard track but doesn't always offer things like this at much as I think they should but that's ok... give people like us a way to have some fun, learn some things and build some s**t.

FYI I recently setup a "Hot Wheels" group on thingiverse as a place people can add their own models and modifications.