MD CPAP - Ender 3 CPAP add-on with x4 5015

by madsi1m Dec 23, 2018
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thinking of doing this with my old CPAP machine, can you make a version that is a single tube or maybe a y splitter?

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I'm not sure you would get good airflow and pressure with a Y splitter. In any case, go with the bullseye version (the black one in the pics) as it is better for less flow.

I don't actually have a cpap machine, but the pipe i got from ebay, i cut into 3 and was long enough for this job (with a spare bit)

well I already have the Hero installed, was just going to print your mod, I found a splitter on thingi, I'll give it a shot with the splitter and see the pressure. I have a box of hoses from 5 years of CPAP use. how much did you pay? is there a market for used hoses? maybe I can help pay for my printer addiction.

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hahaha i think it was around the $5-$10 for new one. With the herome maybe try with just using the right hand side duct? be interesting to hear how it goes. Do you have two blower fans as well?

Nope, just stock fan right now. I'll give it a try in the next few days.

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Omg this Darth Vader is so cooooool just for the style I love it

Interesting mod, a bit over the top just for colder air, but it would be really interesting to see how this would perform with much larger diameter and quieter fans. I wonder if a 120mm computer radiator fan at low rpm would be able to push enough air if funneled down into the two tubes? If so it would be virtually silent. If you could generate enough air flow and regulate between the tubes, replace the hot end fan with a third tube? Take something like a Noctua NF-F12 iPPC 3000 and funnel it down into the three tubes and see if it outperforms the three smaller fans. Now that would be over the top.

Yes! I am already working on this! I have the model done but am having trouble finding translucent black pla because I want to see the fan spinning through the model. I did the maths and the airflow from a 120mm fan should be more than enough airflow, and a lot quieter.

Nice! I was doing a bit of googling and it turns out getting a big fan to blow through a small hole is tricky. Some interesting reading in the comments of this reddit thread. It looks like picking a fan with a high static pressure rating some quick comparisons accepting you are not going to get the rated cfm of the fan because you are restricting the output (it should be possible to calculate the cfm of each pipe based on the pipe radius and the fans static pressure?), and possibly making some kind of cyclone geometry or something more intelligent in the funnel to reduce backflow of air would be a good starting point.

That looks awesome! Thanks for sharing. Is the geared portion for adjusting airflow?

yup, it opens and closes an irus. I have the fan at 12V all the time (plus the noctua less loud resistor inline) and the printers PWM for cooling fan is converted to an irus position on the gears

What is under the red heatsink, the one next to the dc-dc converter, I am right in thinking that it is a MOSFET to give power to the dc-dc converter (7th photo)


PCB mount, previous photo

What is thy bidding my master...

Are there any measurements how much colder the air is?
The "Before/After" picture... what was your setup on the "Before"?

Is it actually worth the more weight this contraption introduces?
What about vibrations coming from the tubes?

Or is the whole thing just for the looks? Cool look for the machine right off the bat.

Hi cyrexxx,

My measurements are done by putting my finger near the vents. And yes this easily produces more cold/cool air than the stock fan on the bullseye (my "before" setup).

Some of my motivation to do this was to reduce weight. I was thinking of doing x2 5015 mounted near the hot end in a pertsfang arrangement which to me looked heavy so gave the remote cooling a go. The tube do wobble a little but i think it is more the print head moving causing that rather than the air flowing in.

Defiantly not just for looks, I run the fans at 30% for normal printing and then pump it to an unnecessary 100% when printing bridges which come out perfect.

I guess the question you didn't ask: "is this over the top?" to which i say: yes, but why not :)

Also, since this i have replace the stock fan with a noctua 20x40mm which is overkill but was only $1 more than the 10x40mm and with this design i have the space.