Maths cookie cutter set

by mrbenbritton Oct 25, 2012
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You saved me hours prepping 5 dozen Pi shapes for #PiDay2019!

Awesome! Those look great.

Dare I mention Tau, the other circle constant?

These look great, I'll be sure to print some off soon!

Is there a way you can include the numbers from 0 to 9 too? Thanks!

I decided against that as you can get a set of the integer digits pretty much anywhere (see https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:604306) I wanted to provide the less common symbols.

Numbers Cookie Cutters
by Detan

Thank you very much! For some reason, I didn't find the numbers when I first searched. I now see there are quite a few different numbers with beautiful typography to choose from. Thanks!

OK - seeing as how you mentioned you might take requests....
(A) I totally agree that infinity is necessary. (I won't say HOW necessary it is.... heh heh heh....)
(B) For the geeks out there (raises hand), you have GOT to make a Tau, if you're going to make a Pi. (There's a cookie / pie joke in there somewhere but I'll leave it to others to fill in the blank....)

Please make a Tau!


How about infinity?

I can't speak for all 3D printers but on the Ormerod forum I follow the 'retract' feature in Slic3r reduces blobs and stringy bits.
From memory a value in the range of 2 to 4 seems to suite most users.
I'm just passing on info here, I'm just starting and learning!

If you have a "creme bruille burner" (hope you understand what I mean) or similar tool with a very hot flame, you can give a short (and here I mean really short gg) heating to the printed object and all the fine hairs are gone ...

Is there any way to get rid of the webs that form? Every time it prints I have to remove the plastic "spider webs" or string that cling on to the walls...

2 things:
(a) you might check your slicer program (e.g. Cura) for the "combing" setting -- it tells the print-head to [move / not-move] across empty areas when it's not actually extruding. For a cookie-cutter, which by definition has lots of empty area, it might help to have the print-head moving over printed (perimeter) areas rather than directly across.
(b) you might also look at your retraction settings. Whenever the head stops printing to move somewhere else, there's a step where it pulls the filament back IN a little before it moves - so there's not a bit of leftover material that it drags along with it to the new 'start printing again' location. There're actually a number of settings related to retraction - like how much is the minimum extrusion before it would retract, whether it does a "Z-hop", etc.... I'm also new at this, but from what I understand, this is all about getting rid of 'stringing'.
Good luck!

I haven't found a way to print without getting the hairs (I print with PLA which is more stringy than ABS). I spend a few minutes with a craft knife to tidy it up.