ARS-5 V1.0 5" Racing Drone

by Dave_C_FPV Dec 25, 2018
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how strong is this frame

Printed V1 frame. Awesome frame. Would like to see a box style frame if possible.

Thanks for sharing your work

It's gonna bother me if I don't ask. What's ARS stand for?

thanks for the reply so i used your design as inspiration and drew up something similar but a little smaller to fit my pint bed and is still able to fit the 5.1 props and full size cam still needs a little work will post once its finished

awesome design was just wondering what the brand of fillament you printed with and then one other thing would you ever make a true x version that would be the same width as the front and back motors as it is long. due to my print bed being slightly to small to be able to print this

Hi, I'm not planning to do a true X version but I am working on a 3" version. That will fit almost all print beds...
I used ICE Carbon PET filament for the print in the pictures. I am currently experimenting with Carbon nylon too but honestly the best is probably simply cured PLA since its so easy to print and cheap. First I print the PLA quite hot (210°C, 70°C hot bed and no cooling) for really good layer adhesion. Then after printing I set the Hotbed to 90-100°C , put an old filament box over it an let the PLA "bake" for 30-45 minutes...

sweet gonna give this a shot interested if you have a 4" or 3" version? also thing this may work well with cf petg or gf petg. i am going to try this maybe in nylong

would be great if you post your make! Curious to see how different materials turn out.
I don't have a 3" inch version yet but its definitely on my to do list.

Great! How long are the spacers - 30 mm ?

Those are 20mm plus some 3mm washers. I guess 25mm would be best.

Clever design. Might want to angle the sma for the vtx antenna out of the back rather than 90 degrees from the top plate. Crashes and/or tree branches will likely destroy antennas quite easily in its current configuration. How well does it handle noise? Care to post some blackbox logs that describe the noise characteristics?

Thanks man, good idea with the antenna! I will probably include that when I do an update.
I haven't recorded any Blackbox logs so far. I rarely had a quad that flies sooo good just on the BF 3.5 stock PIDs and filters. Its super locked and has literally no propwash so I didn't even bother to tune it or use Blackbox.