Weighted Companion Cube

by Poh Oct 25, 2012
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This is killer man, well done. I would love to make this into a multi color print, but an having trouble with the STL, would you be willing to post the working file? Happy to post my result. I just got a palette+ and am anxious to print something that wont try to stab me, and in fact, cannot speak...

my companion cube is my friend.

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Tried printing this one. The corners are not attaching to the main structure of the block. One corner even floated off the print. This was using the M3D Micro with HIPS filament. I have a feeling that this HIPS filament is not very efficient for 3D printing in detail.

Dude this is awesome thx for making the desine

Try rotating it on it's edge 45 degrees. Should print without supports!

I think it will print pretty well if you rotate it 45 degrees, so that it's on it's edge. Mine is printing now. No supports, fine mode, no infill 2 shells. Netfabb Basic(free) will let you turn the stl on it's edge at 45 degrees. Makerware won't do that.

please explain or show print at the angle? wouldn't it miss the center pop out on the edge?

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I just printed this in PLA on a Makerbot 2 and made it huge (4x4x4). I printed with a raft and support on the standard "high" settings in Makerware (Skeinforge slicer, 15% infill, 3 shells). The build took just a shade under 38 hours and used a LOT of filament. I don't know how much was left on the spool before I started but it was probably at least half, and I had to change spools at 96% through the build.

I have to say, it looks really good and printed really well. It has a nice heft to it - it's not heavy but feels sturdy. Removing the supports on the sides wasn't too hard, and they only need a little bit of manual cleanup and sanding. The bottom, however, is a nightmare. I can see through the raft and it looks really good, but taking off the supports and the raft is incredibly challenging and after an hour or so of work and a few accidents causing minor bleeding, I'm still only halfway through. It will take a lot of sanding after that even....but that's expected with any build of this size.

It prints a lot better in larger sizes than in small. I've previously printed it in 1x1x1 and .75x.75x.75, and you really don't get the impressive definition at those sizes. In particular, the four grooves surrounding the heart on each face don't come out well, whereas at 4x4x4 they're beautiful.

If there's any interest, I may post pictures once I've taken the time to clean it up and sand it. If you're a Portal fan with some good prints under your belt and a lot of time and filament, I'd definitely print this. Thanks for the model, ="thingiverse-5832b159f7b32b3d3a1aa9343dbb994b:disqus" href="http://disqus.com/thingiverse-5832b159f7b32b3d3a1aa9343dbb994b/Poh!

It's worth noting that you'll probably want to print this with supports.

I printed this on a Makerbot Replicator 2, on the following settings:

  • "High", (2 inches x 2 inches) [original dims are: 1 inch x 1 inch), No Raft, No Support

Everything came out great (took ~5 hours), except for the bottom. Lots of stray wires/ribbony material rendering the bottom face a mess.

I'll have to reprint this with supports+raft, I'm sure it'll turn out much better. Thanks!

Is it possible to get a split stl with edges and center, or even the not grouped stl, for some dual extrusion tests.

after printing i noticed that the cube is oriented the wrong way.. can you rotate it so that the 4 vertical sides heart are all upright?

i printed it and the support ruined the finish feel to one of the major sides :(

Which printer or software did you use? Makerware and UP! support rotating.
I aware of the wrong rotation, that's why I rotated 90 degree.
Mine is fine on all sides, the support material peeled off easily.

Getting my Replicator 2 today - this is the first thing I'm gonna print!

Best replica I've seen. Excellent work!