SpaceX Helmet Replica

by macktruck Dec 26, 2018
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Unfortunately I'm having issues with scale too, much like the previous commenter. I've opened the files in Meshmixer, Flashprint, UPStudio and meshlab but they stay the same scale. Scaling them up by 100,000% also doesn't seem to help. Most of the them have a file size of under 100kb which makes me think there may be an issue with the file itself.

Thanks for doing this work!

I used Cura which didn't give me any issues. The file size is mostly dependent on the resolution exported from Fusion 360. This was the highest detail I could export it as.

I used Cura which didn't give me any issues. There is also a remake that may have fixed the sizing issue although you may need to cut the meshes to print it well. The file size is mostly dependent on the resolution exported from Fusion 360. This was the highest detail I could export it as.

I've only just found this and I love it.

Am I missing something or are some of the parts scaled dramatically differently? I believe both of the seals, and the upper bands are hugely different in size vs the rest of the parts. Any chance we could get a reupload?

I've been trying to match the scale, but I'm at 30,000% scale and still not quite enough it seems.

Some people have been noting scaling problems but the scaling seems to be uniform. This may be a result of the intermediate program I used to process the model. The relative size and placement of the pieces can be seen in a picture in the tutorial section. Try opening it in a different software. I am currently working on an updated version directly exported from the source program.

Right on, I appreciate your work for certain, please don't take my comment the wrong way. I saw the comments you made on the Make someone posted and they referenced 100,000% scale. And that actually looks correct, I'll give it a try. I'm going to need to order some more white filament to finish the project, but I have 3 pieces printed so far and a 4th printing currently.

If you'd like, I can post my Meshmixer Orientation models. Printed the back piece in roughly 7 1/2 hrs at 0.168mm layer heights and a fraction of the support material. It really depends on how well your printer handles support material. Mine did end up with some deformation, but I figure that I'll be filling a gap already. I can file this down and fill it in less time that the extra printing and material was worth to me.

Ya, my 3d printer really doesn't allow the support to break away cleanly. This is actually a different part then the person that had plate adhesion issues before. I personally chose to print that edge flush with the print bed. You may notice it tries to create additional support for other areas. I personally chose to cut that piece again so there wouldn't be any support. I much rather have an extra clean edge then having to deal with support. I only used about 350 grams for the entire helmet which is allot less then I have used for other helmets. Next version should be done in a day or two and should fix any size issues and should add a few more features but probably won't be compatible with previous versions. And yes, the scaling issue does seem to be a factor of 10. The designed width is 8.5 inches.

You have just saved me an incredible amount of work, since I was planning on having to learn a modeling program from scratch! (I've worked with autocad and CATIA but that was years ago and I don't have access too them anymore)

I briefly used CATIA in college. Fusion 360 seems to be a good software although some of the curve surface features were difficult to implement. Make sure to take tons of pictures and share them here and on /r/spacexlounge Reddit.

it works? can i print them?

V1 definitely works, V2 may need some minor cutaways or sanding to make it fit. Helmet is a single piece and does ntot open. Width is 8.5 inches wide. I would print my next helmet 10% bigger to fit my 7 inch wide head.