Tom's Protective Darts Case

by tomulinek Dec 26, 2018
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Very nice design, but sadly, it does not fit any from my 12 different dart sets from harrows, winmau, unicorn and bulls. A big disappointment after a 7 hour print :(
It looks like it's been designed only for the 90+% tungsten darts with very very slim bodies. All my darts are 18g for soft tip and 21-22g for steel tip, I don't even use heavy darts, but it's just too slim.

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Sorry to hear for the 1st time. I have tried also my older (cheap metal, maybe brass) softip darts from Harrows and even those fit well. ;( I do not want to overshoot the inner diameters as darts rattle inside then. (Steel darts will not fit as they have much more material.)

I use the "bomb" style dart bodies, usually 1mm thicker than common brass, just like a steel dart. Also, the full-size flights can't get in. They need about 2mm more on each fin to fit. For example, no stadard-flights from this maker can fit inside:

I'm afraid my design will fit (more) common designs only. There is no problem to make longer/shorter variants, but with thicker darts it's about the complete redesign (as the common/slim darts will not fit properly). Sorry to say.
EDIT: As I have mentioned earlier in the model details, "It's should be universal for softip darts with different barrels (diameter up to cca 9.2mm) and flights (up to cca 34.8mm)."

Something like this would be great for arrow fletcing protection.

This is a really cool looking design. I will have to buy some darts just so I can have a reason to print this.

Thank you. Watch out, dart targets are quite expensive. :))

Looks sharp!!! Thanks for sharing.

Thank you. Still not so "sharp" to cut your pocket. ;) I hope it will serve well.

Is there anyway you would be able to make the flight slots slightly wider? I've tried and and tried to print this but with no luck so far :(

Yes, It is possible to do so. I used solidworks. Just add a plane to the backside, and draw rectangles, that are slightly wider than the original. After the drawing, just extrude cut the rectangles. I did it this way, and then printed the first 2 cm of 1 single dart, and tried to see if they would fit. After doing so, they fitted perfectly and I printed the whole piece. you might also try to scale the model inside cura.

Hi, I made them quite tight to make a friction with dart flights. Please check if there is no problem with the 1st layer. Quite often the material is pressed into the bad. If yes, try to use knife and clear the insertion path for the flights.

Unfortunatelly my model is not parametric and editing of these holes can lead to remodell it all (as the walls are a multiple of the diameter of the nozzle). Precise 3D printer is necessary here.

No problem :) I hope you don't mind I just had a quick play around on Tinkercad just to see what I could do and I now have something printing!

No problem for personal use. ;) Happy 3D printing!

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