MK8 Extruder Fan Duct & Print Cooler

by apexio Oct 26, 2012
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can you make one for makerbot replicator 2 ???

but doesn't this mean you have to run 100% fan all the time, since you're cooling both your nozzle throat and cooling your platform?

End result being, even PLA can warp with a fan in the first few layers. then your nozzle contacts supports, or walls and your print is ruined.

Maybe it's warmer, less voluminous air than I get from my filament cooling fan.

is this to add extra cooling

RepG might not be setting the value on your mightyboard. Try using the onboard controls to verify the X offset has been changed. Utilities -> Home Offsets -> X Offset -> 135.490mm. You can also modify it there.

I'm on firmware 7.3... I don't seem to have a "home offsets" menu. There's a "home axes" menu under "utilities", but it just sends it "home", doesn't let me adjust anything. What's your firmware? thanks!

I'm on 7.3 (sailfish). Keep looking, it's in there.

Ah, I'm not on Sailfish, stock Makerbot firmware. Maybe it's time to upgrade ;)

Definitely time to upgrade.

Successfully printed this out, but I can't get my rep1 calibrated afterwards. Feel like I'm missing something fundamental: I measured the gap with my calipers: yep, about 16.5mm. Just like you said, in the repG ctrl panel I modify the x home offset. Honestly I wasn't sure if I should add or subtract the value, but here's the thing: Changing that value makes no difference to the machine: Each time after I set the value (to either 135 or 168, given a base value of 152), I do a reboot, confirm the value was set, and print: every time, it starts printing off the left side of the build plate based on the current missing offset value. However, via the repG ctrl panel, if I say "center x" it goes to the exact middle of the plate (based on a current value of 135). If you could confirm if the value should be added or subtracted would be helpful, and any other advice to get it re-centered. What am I missing here? :) Thanks!

This is very clever - using the existing fan's air flow is much simpler than adding another fan. No added cabling, no buying another fan, etc.

But is cooling the plastic right out of the extruder a good idea for both ABS and PLA? For PLA you certainly want to cool off the plastic as soon as it's printed, but I've always heard that for ABS you want to keep the ABS warm (by closing the sides, using a heated print bed, etc.) to keep it from warping. If this gives improved PLA prints but worse ABS prints, that would mean swapping it in/out when changing print materials, which would be a lot of work. Or does it turn out to work well for ABS as well?

 I use it for ABS.   I use it in an enclosure and don't get warped parts.

It really only cools the top layers faster than usual - not the lower layers, which are the ones that would cause warping if cooled.

 I was wondering on how it would perform with ABS.
I'll put this on soon, as I have had issues with
steep angle edges curling. This could improve the prints.

Is this compatible for Dual Emmet's Minimalistic MK8 Extruder on a Replicator1 ?

It's only for a single extruder.  However, it can be easily modified for a dual setup.   http://tinkercad.com/things/gJsUvBNIGqotinkercad.com/things/gJsUvBNIG...

Tweaked, printing now. I'll share here as soon as I verify that it fits.

If your teaked version is for the dual and your print/version works this would be great. :) Look forward to your results.

It's http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33254http://www.thingiverse.com/thi....

Basically I copied it in TinkerCAD and clipped off one of the two vents, then mirrored one copy.

Dual mk 8 extruder fan duct and print cooler
by laird

This is very impressive, love the design