CR-10S PRO side Cable Chain

by raymagic Dec 28, 2018
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Could this be scaled to fit raspberry pi camera ribbon?

How does this work? Seems like you just snap the larger pieces to each other alternating direction so then enclose the cable? What are the two smaller pieces for?

Also, any recommended printer settings? I printed a few and they seem tough to snap together.

Thanks for this. Curious though, what problem does it solve?

I needed 32 chain pieces, 1 start and 1 end piece

Nice idea, but if the goal is to protect the ribbon cable that runs between the base and the x-axis gantry, shouldn't this have some means of attaching to the gantry where the ribbon cable plugs in? After all, cable drag chains are usually fixed at both ends.

Otherwise it's just adding weight to the cable and will strain the ribbon connector.

Am I missing something? Why are there 3 pieces? I don't see how the smaller two work with the larger piece

They connect together on the other side of the larger piece, hope this helps.

I think the two smaller pieces are actually end pieces for each end of the chain, and when you put the chain together you use the big pieces joined together end to end. so the chain would be up s follows:
one end piece,
large piece - open side up,
large piece - open side down,
(repeat alternating large pieces to get to the length you need),
final end piece.

aaaaah, yes, that makes more sense now lol! Thank you for letting me know, esp. before I printed out a bunch of wasted end pieces ^_^ I'm not sure if this thing even needed now after seeing your other comment as it may be more for cosmetic and less function.

No problems :)

It might be fun to try and work out a mounting solution to fix it to the printer :)

Let us know if you work out a mounting solution

Going to work on something for this tomorrow, it is needed

would love to see what you come up with. definitely needs a mount at least at the top.

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