43 Room Signs Like "The Office" Logo

by Lyl3 Dec 29, 2018
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These are great! With the Customizer option there are all sorts of possibilities, I'm going to have to brainstorm with some friends on what sort of signs we will make. Providing the images in a separate file is super helpful. Thanks for posting this up here.

Thanks! I had a few requests for signs with different names than I chose, so I thought the customizer would be a great way to handle them. Glad to see that you'll be making use of it. If you can, please post the makes of your creations, as it will help in showing that there's now a customizer.

These are Fantastic. Thank you. Any change of adding The Home Office or The Office?


There is a customizer, so you can easily create this yourself. Create the sign with the text that you want and then add the pictogram for The Study, for example.

Amazing work! Sent you a direct message regarding a design. :)

adding an option for electrical room and pantry would be nice. also attic and master bedroom and guest bedroom.

formal dining room. formal living room.

You can make all those signs now. Pantry, attic, guest bedroom, living room, and dining room have all been added. There's a customizer now, so you could create "The Master Bedroom" using the bedroom pictogram and "The Electrical Room" using the utility room pictogram.

Thanks for the suggestions. Same of those are planned or already in the works. The ones that aren't, I'll add to the list.

a VERY easy way to print these if you DO NOT have a prusa or any printer with ABL

simple make TWO gcode files. instruct the one to stop at x where x is the top layer of the black area and instruct the second gcode file to START at the first layer of the white portion.

just make sure the area of the print surface where it "homes" at is clear and if you have any movement or prime line commands in your start script remove them for elevated gcodes.

print file one. then right away or a day later print file 2 done.

ALSO this will NOT WORK for printers with auto release heat beds (PEI, PEX, Glass, Ultrabase, Magigoo etc..) ie anything where "cooling down" releases the part.

for build tak fake tak surfaces and any run of the mill manually leveled printer you are GOLDEN. I will be making a video on this hopefully this weekend.

this is how I do my 9 at a time maker coins in 2 color and 3 files.

gcode one just prints the words. 2 layers thick.

when its finished thats it. it just finished. I then swap filament and start gcode file 2

it prints the coin "around" the letters already printed on the bed.

when thats done I swap filament again and print the last gcode file so there is color contrast on top. works crazy well. I have come back to the machine days later to start the next file. zero issues as long as you machine reliably and consistent homes to the same spot every time you are golden!

I am new to 3D printing and wondering how I know when the black in done to pause it and change filament? Unless that is in the gcode and will pause my Prusa MK3 I3 printer? Please advise. Thanks

My printer doesn't support the M600 pause command so I have to pause it manually. The printer shows me the height it's at while it's printing and as soon as it finishes the layer at 2 mm I pause it using the menu on the printer control panel.

Most printers support the M600 G-code command, so you may be able to add pauses in using your slicer program. You may find the Colorprint tool useful if your printer supports the M600 command, but your slicer doesn't support adding pauses: https://www.prusaprinters.org/color-print/

Hi, great signs. Any Chance of adding "The Poo Room" as a funny toilet sign ?. My Cousin has one which she bought somewhere and i´ve been looking for one but haven´t found one anywhere.

Sure, I'll add it on my next update and let you know when it's available.

Great work. Thank you for the effort. Making a few ATM.

Lovely! What font is that?

Thanks. It's Arial Bold. "The Office" logo uses Helvetica Bold, but it's not a free font so I used the closest free font.

Awesome design! Is it possible to make a "The Toy Room"? That's what we call my room that hold my collection of toys and figures. I would use the Playroom but like our initial name, Toy Room, better. Again, awesome work on these.

Sure, I'll add it on my next update. For the pictogram I'm thinking of modifying The Playroom by replacing the kid and car with a shelf holding the car and a couple action figures.

Needs one for the toilet / WC as well. I know it's usually said to be a "bathroom" in US English, but when all it has is a sink and a toilet and the shower is in a completely separate room (with the Sauna) without them, I can't really mark both as the "Bathroom" now can I?

I agree completely and never call a washroom a bathroom. That's why I had already made a sign for "The Washroom".

Aah, missed that completely, I guess it's so rare to not call it a bathroom that I've never even heard it (I'm not a native speaker).

Could we get "the Playroom" for a kids playroom

I've added a sign for "The Playroom".

Sure, I'll include it in my next update. I'll let you know when it's available.

Very nice things
Can you please add versions without the "the" ?

Ideas for additional signs:
Maker space
3d Lab
Gaming room
Escape room (exit)

There's a customizer now, so you can easily create your own signs without "The". Also, except for Escape Room, there are signs or pictograms for your suggested signs.



I made a couple of the signs that you suggested.

I'd rather not remove the "The" because it breaks from the design of "The Office" logo.

However, you can cut it out with your slicer fairly easily. I usually use FlashPrint to cut models, leaving the cuts in place.
1) Cut the model on the Z plane at 2.01 mm and delete the base plate.
2) Cut on the X plane to separate the text from the pictogram.
3) Cut on the Y plane to separate the two lines of text and delete "The".
4) Save the parts as a new STL so that they're combined into a single model.
5) Open the new STL, position to 2.00 mm, scale the Z axis to 1.00 mm, save.
6) Open original model, cut on Z plane at 1.99 mm and delete the top part.
7) Scale on the Z axis to 2.00 mm, add model of details saved in step 5, save as new STL.

Is that how you get the black layer to print one continuous plane with FlashPrint? I have a Finder and so I can't use other slicing software so I can't use the "Skin Expand Distance" setting.

No, I only use FlashPrint for cutting up and merging models. I use Cura for slicing models and preparing G-code files. It took some work getting Cura configured for my Creator Pro and I still have to start every print extruding a 500 mm skirt before any plastic comes out of the nozzle, but other than that it works great.

I've read other people saying that they can't get Cura to work with their Finder, and I think they usually say that it just travels with no extrusion. I wonder if it's the same issue as with my Creator Pro and all you have to do is extrude a really really big skirt.