Star Trek Original Series - Hand Phaser Type II Body - Midgrade

by Shipbrook Dec 30, 2018
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OUTSTANDING work! I am truly impressed with your design. It makes me smile with nostalgia working on it, thinking how much I would have LOVED to have this model as a child to play with. Thank you.

Is there a way for you to export this as .STEP files? Particularly, P2 Body Left and Right

My apologies, I missed seeing the notification of this comment, and didn't see it until now.

As far as I know, there's no way to export from Blender into a STEP file. And those particular parts are mesh-based, not parametric, so it's unlikely they could be exported well even if there were an export module.

I'm having trouble with the fins. They seem too thin to not bend when I peel them off the print bed. Did you do anything special to print them?

I have had tremendous success using a glass bed with a heavy coating of hair spray. I toss it into the freezer after I print and the pieces pretty much just fall off. Let it sit to reform, spray it again lightly to fill in the gaps and presto ready for another print. I use two beds to rotate. Highly recommended.

Not particularly special, just PLA on a clean heated bed, no adhesives. I wipe down the glass with isopropyl alcohol immediately before printing until it's so clean the cloth squeaks. After printing, I let the bed cool down to around room temperature, and then the parts come off with no resistance.

Cool. Finally got them to come off well after that advice. Would it be possible for you to upload a picture of where the "power pack end" piece goes? I can't see to spot it in the pictures you currently have up.

So, scaled it up .1 and printed fine.
Will have to file it back down to get to about spec but that's not too bad.

Thanks again for the great design.

gotcha, I believe my min is .5.
hmm, I'll play around, it's a quick print so can run some tests.
thanks for the quick reply.
good news is everything else printed out great!!

Hmmm. What's your slicer's minimum wall thickness setting? if I remember correctly, I modeled it to be 0.8mm thick (two passes of an 0.4mm nozzle).

Whoo hoo! Been watching for this since your fantastic P1 model.
Started printing out files, had to cut up the body as it was just a few cm's too high for my lulzbot mini, but printed up fine.

The only file I'm struggling with is the Front Clip w/Supports. Prints the supports fine but the clip itself won't print. I've tried a few adjustments to wall thickness and still won't print. Any suggestions would be great.


Another fantastics Model, very nicely done Thank you