free energy device

by 453mikebradley Dec 30, 2018
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Can you open the concept of free energy here a bit?

If what you are asking is how this thing works is, a hpa tank with a remote valve goes to the rubber tubing inport. The air is then let in and moves threw the one way valves, there are two of them. Next the air builds up between two positions while air builds up, it goes threw the holes in file 1 and then turns the pellar mechanism. This would be accomplished by a tiny motor coupled on to the nail bearing. What makes it free is that you would have to buy a special hand pump for hpa air rifles on ebay, this will have a female fill nipple that the hpa tank connects to.. Thank you for your interest.

Ok good to hear.

Usually "free energy" is associated with hoax videos or stories about energy coming out from nowhere, or perpetual motion devices or such. Just a heads up.