by mdkendall Dec 31, 2018
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I tried printing this twice, thus far, at 175% scale. The first time, I lost the print about a quarter way through. The supports failed (likely my own fault as I am a noob). The second time, I used a raft thinking that it would hold the supports better. Made it about a 1/3 of the way through and the support between the little rock and big rock failed. Ugh... I am now printing using my own supports. It will take forever to print, but I hope it works. I'd really like to print this bear.

Hi there, I think if I was going to print it at 175% scale I would probably start from the version without supports, and scale it up and add new tree-style supports in Meshmixer. With it being bigger you will be able to add more supports than in the original. Alternatively, there is no reason the original should not work just scaled up, but you might find that some areas of the underside are a little more rough. Overhangs that you can get away with when they are small are more problematic when larger.

In future you might want to try a brim (of say 3mm) rather than a raft - it has much the same effect at improving bed adhesion for small things like supports, without taking so long and without making the underside rough.

Good luck.

I'm so sorry that it took me so long to get back to you. I am going to try again using your advice and also the gobs that I have learned since trying this originally. Much appreciated.

I love bears. Thank you so much :)