Hey! This thing is still a Work in Progress. Files, instructions, and other stuff might change!

White Knight Belt Printer

by NAK3DDesigns Mar 29, 2019
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Great work! I just threw away my treadmill lol. I don't remember seeing what you are using for the heating element for the bed.

Mine must have been a "Cold Climate" model.. ;)


I think this will help you with your problem with slicing.

Interesting, but I don't believe it is that simple, If you watch my 430mm cylinder test you'll see that height on a belt printer is a combination of the Y and Z axis' moving together..


or you can try to use the slic3r by yourself to try it, since we dont know the height is measured by Y axis alone or the combination of it

Awesome printer, I'm looking at building one for myself. Where did you get the aluminum plates cut? Did you mill them yourself or did the supplier mill it for you?

I had a friend of a friend cut them for me on his CNC, to be honest I think you could safely just order the two plates and then cut the notches with a jigsaw, drill the holes, and then just file down the edges a bit.. They seem to come cut pretty square from Midweststeel.

Awesome build! What material did you use for the conveyer belt? Stainless steel sheets?

I used .15mm or 6mil stainless steel full hardened sheet conveyor material.. Available from https://www.belttechnologies.com/

I then covered it with a custom Buildtak sheet (hopefully available to the pubic soon) https://www.buildtak.com/product/buildtak-3d-printing-surface/

How did you bond the build tak to the belt? any special glue?

It would be interesting to see if its feasible to use this setup on "normal" printer just to drop one finished part after the other into a bin.

Buildtak sheets come with an adhesive backing..

I would have guessed you need something stronger, but if this works, great!

What filament(s) did you use to print the components? It looks amazing, and I hope to go to ERRF and see it in person!

Both printers were printed in Proto-Pasta HTPLA.. the proto-type was printed in High Five and the second(the black one) was printed in Wonder Blue.

wow this is an amazing design well done! i was actually starting to build a big 3d printer, and the second i saw this i scrapped the design and declared excitedly "THAT IS WHAT I AM BUILDING NOW!"

thank you for this

Glad to meet up with @ MRRF great design

Was great to meet you and your printers at MRRF 2019. A very well developed solution, and it was in action doing great prints.

Awesome job! Thanks for sharing. Would be interested if someone comes up with a kit.

I notice in the github there is a folder for fusion360 files, but it is empty. Do these files exist? I would like to scale this thing down, and those files would help.

The fusion 360 folder was created for files as they are converted from STL and tested. At present I only have pull requests for two files and I haven't had a chance to verify or test print them yet..

As for scaling the printer down most of the printed parts would stay the same and only the lengths of the extrusion would need to change. I wouldn't recommend going any smaller in diameter with the rollers. The only printed parts that should change dependent on size would be the slide tray and covers for the CBA. I've also considered making some tray caps that would allow you to just use two more pieces of 2040 extrusion with the slide tray and covers thus making an external enclosure for the CBA. You would need to adjust the size of the plates.

Awesome machine. I think I could reduce cost on everything buy belt. Need to find a cheaper alternative.

Be careful looking for a cheaper belt.. If its not a fully hardened (i.e. will always lay flat even after being rolled in a coil) it will cause issues... I destroyed a buildtak sheet trying to use a cheaper flashing type of stainless, it will eventually stretch, bubble and curl.

Saw this Awesome machine at MRRF. Just incredible!

Could you please clarify the belt? I've found belttechnologies.com but aren't really sure what belt you are referring to. Also please clarify on if you applied buildtak or other surface to the belt. --Thanks!!!!

its not a standard size belt you would order online.. You would need to contact them by phone or e-mail. I have let them know to expect calls for the belt. If you tell them you are calling to order a White Knight Printer Belt they should know what to sell you.. FYI the quote I got for just one was approx. $326 and for two was $426 so a group by is the best way to go..

if this is as good as the hype, then you have solved two of the main issues. one is the amount available on the bed, and the ability to automate the removal of parts. well done!

Incredible design, very well done. Can you give us any info on how well certain materials print on this? PLA?ABS?Etc

Currently I've only tested with PLA, but the hotend is definitely capable of printing almost any filament.. the only limitations I see would be what can be used with Buildtak (and you could always use a different surface over the stainless belt if necessary) and if it would need to be put in an enclosure..

I am starting to build this and i had an idea for a build surface i am going to try adding a pva glue applicator and smoother so that as the belt goes around it gets coated with a fresh layer, mostly because buildtak is expensive =D secondly because it looks like a fun challenge

Definitely a highlight of MRRF 2019. Would be soooo cool if the guys pulling the parts together and selling them for the Railcore also did it for this.

I agree. projectr3d has some great customer service would love to buy from them again

Really nice meeting you at MRRF 2019!

I saw this in action at MRRF 2019! I cant wait to build one!
THANK YOU for making this open source!!

Really great design, I hope to build one soon!