GO-NOGO tolerance gauge for SLA resin-testing.

by rsilvers Dec 31, 2018
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Hey, Video is not longer available. !!

Nice stuff, can you please better explain how to use this? Why not just print one cilinder and measure it to see if it has the same diameter of the design?

Same reason to use or not to use Go-NoGO gages for anything else:


Thank you for the answer. Maybe I didn't explain myself correctly: I was thinking that, if you print both the pin and the plugs, you would get same error on both; the -.10 should fit into the ring. What am I missing?

Resin blooms with more exposure. And filament has more or less extrusion settings. So the inside of the ring actually gets smaller while the outside of the pin gets larger with certain settings. So too much exposure and the -0.1 won't fit. And too little exposure and NOGO will fit. The gauge not only lets you pick the best exposure, but pick the best settings for the horizontal size compensation in Simplify3D or Formware.

Super super interesting but I do not follow you completely. Is there any documentation to let me study?
Is there a thorough guide about what your explaining?
Thank you again

I should write a blog entry but am working on deadlines for other things.

I printed your test with two different resins and... wow!
I didn't expect such differences. With one it passed the GO -0.1, while NOGO didn't fit.
With the second one, after curing, no plug could fit :(
I own a LCD printer, does the xy scaling I read about work?
Since the inside became smaller and the outside became bigger, how can I solve this problem? I'm really confused

Scaling can't fix it because the inside and outside areas will both scale. You need "horizontal size compensation." Formware is the only software that has it for resin printers. Simplify3D has it for FDM. I think Cura does also now.

Do you know if Netfabb does that too? I saw your video with the razor: very interesting. In that one you speak about making a part smaller but does the software calculate what will become bigger and what smaller and calculare compensations for each part of the model?

Netfabb cannot correct for this. Only Formware.