Dual mk 8 extruder fan duct and print cooler

by laird Oct 27, 2012
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Has anyone tried this on a FlashForge? Does it fit?

I printed it tonight and for the life of me can't see how it fits on a FlashForge dual

Wait....I think you may have to take the heat sink off....I'm not into doing that quite yet.....

After installation, the extruders are now off center by the width of the shroud. Also the extruders bind up on the extreme left X-axis position; we had to remove it as it was interfering with the calibration. How are these things corrected for?

I figured out a fix.

set your xHome offset to 140.

worked for me

Im having the same problem... Did you figure it out?

Apparently the Makerware v6.2 or higher forces that left hand movement right before the print. We removed ours and are currently designing one that is flush with the extruder assembly on the sides.

How did you remove this movement? have you redesigned it?

I now use http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:191297http://www.thingiverse.com/thi... , which achieves the same result (venting air after cooling the extruder to cool the print). But instead of taking the air from the sides, you reverse the fans so that they blow out the front, then vent that down in front of the extruders to the print. That has the advantage that you don't lose any X-axis space.

PLA Replicator Ducted Fan Clips Modded

Thanks, laird (and apexio)! Here's hoping this is good for what ails me.

Just did the left side since I'm only printing with that extruder. I taped off the right side of the heat sink to minimize air loss that way.

All done printing my set of ducts... first sample print done, and the quality of the print does look better.  :)

I'm printing my set, right now.  :)  Thanks for this!

You only need the button-pressing-arm on the right extruder - you can delete the one on the left and save some plastic.

Yeah, I got lazy, and just mirrored it in ReplicatorG.

 Very interesting approach.  Looking forward to trying this out!
I am currently making a number of changes to my replicator in an effort to improve the quality of prints to somewhere near its advertising claims,.

It's fun tweaking! But even without that, prints have been fine.