PrintrBot Simple Metal Small Feet

by zalucius May 15, 2014
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interesting but not as effective as what I did with just scrap wood and milling Slots see pic... my machine very stable now...with or design if umove table to home x and u try to remove print from table the machine falls over due to imbalance with my design its very stable...the designer of the printrbot obviously wasn't thinking with common sense when he designed the unstable narrow base I'm going to add some rubber pads on the bottom too

That looks quite stable.

One of the benefits of the hollow 3d printed foot, is that it helps reduce vibrations a lot, and thus get a more quiet printer. It's not as sturdy as your solution, but the tradeoff is less noise.

Worked much better than I thought.
Removed a lot of noise and boosted the quality.
I guess the vibrations I had before the feets messed up the print.

I added some double sided foam adhesive tape under the feets to stop my printer from skidding around, I think the foam part helped a bit too.

OMG, this made a huge difference, i though it was going to help a little but it helped a lot.

yeah, it can make quite a bit difference :)

The PLA I'm using is ColorFabb PLA/PHA which seem less brittle than other PLA's, and it works well.
I don't know about ABS, you are welcome to test and share your experience :)

I printed a set in ABS on my Printrbot Simple Metal. I set the Y axis to 125% but left the others at size, so they are a bit elongated. The slot is maybe a tiny bit too big - they easily slide back and forth and fall off if you lift the printer. A slightly smaller resize would probably make them stay in place. They also have a nice amount of flex to them. When mounted the printer squashes them a bit, but the bottom of the slot doesn't quite touch the inside of the lower arch, so I have hopes for decent vibration isolation.

We'll see how they perform when I print a couple more items out.

Thanks for the design! These seem better than my previous ones.

Holy crap these work so much better than I've imagined! The printer is much more quiet now, in a way I didn't think was possible. Thank you for creating and sharing this!

Went with the 1.3 X scale and 3 shells. Just perfect.

Did the no fill, no top / bottom, scaled 1.3 on the X axis in Cura, and four of these have just vibration isolated my Simple Metal like a charm.

Perfect, glad it worked :)

These are awesome and simple. My goal was to make the machine quieter when printing on my wooden kitchen table. Success! Thanks for posting this!

I'm glad you like them :)

This is my first first after the Fan Shroud! (Printrbot Metal Simple)
Thank you so much! Fast and easy!

One question: Mine all had a weird ridge on the top halfway to the side. Is that my printer? or does it have some weird defect?

I'm glad you like it.
About the ridge, could it perhaps be where each new layer start/end? sometimes the starting or ending of a layer, can have a little blob if the printer is not perfectly calibrated.. if your slicer support it, you could try and print one with random starting positions and see if that fixes the ridge.

Ah ok thanks! I've only had my printer for a day, so I'm so new at this. Thank you for your help!

I tried the feet out and they work perfectly! I feel safer now that they are holding up my Simple Metal :-)
Thank you!!!

Not to be one of those horrid people who only posts negative comments but, why did you make it so that you have turn off the infill? Why not just have the actual object be hollow? I realize I may not know everything that you can do so I'm not expecting you to some how figure out a hollow version. It's just a simple inquiry into why you chose to design it a certain way.

My original thought was to use the solid feet, hence modeling it to be solid. But as others have pointed out, a springy foot will help reduce vibrations and improve quality of prints and possibly even extend printers life.
I am lazy, and did not want to remodel the foot, when it is just as easy to slice with no top/bottom layers, to make a hollow piece.

these do a great job isolating the printer from the table. It will probably extend the life of the machine.

This works great, I used fill (somewhat accidentally) on my first foot, so I'm going to go for a 3 foot design, 1 rear, 2 front sides, and see how that works!