Mouser - Articulated Model

by RyanTheMast Jan 1, 2019
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What shade blue did you use for the inside of the mouth? also, any if you are looking for another project I would not say no to a technodrome lol

I will look into the Technodrome that would be very cool to make, but I think there are already some good ones on thingiverse, For the inner mouth go with a metal flake or anodized blue.

Awesome job!!! I love it.. Are you GI Joe fan? Wink.

Who or what vehicle, from GI joe would you like to see?

Scaling to 200% and printing on an Ender 3, will post make when done. Fantastic model!

Thank you, I am excited to see some makes, so I will look forward to that! Although keep in mind at that scale if you are using the articulated parts the clearance would be too much and things would feel very loose, also certain parts may need support that didn't before (like the "teeth"). I plan to work on a version with tighter joints that may scale a little more effectively for you. If you are not printing the articulated version then it should be ok, The thigh and neck pegs may not fit as snug but that's fixable with some glue.

Can confirm, 200% scale with articulation is a bit loose, 2/3 foot joints work but lost one on the build plate, the knee still works great. Currently retrying with non articulated parts.

Sorry for the loose limbs, but the non-articulated ones should hopefully work for you, Post some pictures if you get it done I would love to see this in some bigger prints. I will work on a tighter clearance version of the articulated legs for you as soon as I get some free time. Happy printing!

I can only imagine how complex of a print it would be if each leg joint were articulated. That would be fun.

Would it be easier to print it with the "sole" of the foot flat?

A great suggestion! Thank you. I have updated the model with articulated legs and feet that print on the sole.