3D printed - Small Travel EQ telescope mount 2019

by RomanHujer Jan 1, 2019
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Just one question, hod does it works for polar alignament?

2019-06-25 Add HM5 polar scope holder

Hi Roman

This is really good quality work! I have been looking for something like this for a while now.
Thank you for sharing.


Do you have a suggestion where to source a wooden tripod like you have shown in your pictures?

Thank you!

My wood tripod is very old. Purchased at the end of the 80's in Germany.
Similar can now be bought via eBay

Hi Roman!

I was designing something very similar (using the same stepper/gearbox combo) until I found your design. Thank you for sharing.

There is one thing I need to understand: the gear-down ratio does not seem to be low enough for tracking. At 0.018 degrees per step on the output shaft, this is more than a minute of arc! This is unusable for anything but very wide-field photography (if even that).

How is this working for you? Microstepping? If so, how precise is that? Can it achieve sub-second precision?


Yes using microstepping:

  • 32 uStep with DRV8825 dirver resolution is 2 arc sec.
  • 128 uStep with TMC2130 driver resolution is 1/2 arc sec.

For more info reading OnStep Wiki https://groups.io/g/onstep/wiki/home



I'm planning on printing this design out (thanks for the design by the way!) .
Do you happen to have a list of screws and bolts that I will need as well as the amount?


BOM for screws and nuts is now added to the description

Thank you very much for the answer.

on further research I stumbled upon you post https://groups.io/g/onstep/message/1769. I unsoldered the jumpers of the TMC2130 and ... surpise: no noise at all. My steppers are very strong Nema 17 from Steppersonline , 10V,, 6.0 KG/cm torque, 0,64 amps/phase, 15 ohms, 3 phase inductance (https://www.omc-stepperonline.com/de/nema-17-bipolar-1-8deg-60ncm-85oz-in-0-64a-10v-42x42x60mm-4-drahte.html). They are now running perfectly with 12V !

Problem solved.

Cheers Axel


very nice design! Because of the stepper: at what voltage are you driving the system (7V / 12V / 24 V)? What stepper drivers are you using (TMC2100, 2130, ...) for Onstep? I am currently searching for steppers, that don't make so much noise.

Cheers Axel

I am now use DRV8825 with 12V power. TMC2100 is not good have only 16 microsteps I am need minimal 32 microsteps. TMC2130 is ok but need higher voltage 18-24V