Matek FCHUB-VTX Soft Mount

by bremnerr76 Jan 1, 2019
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Hey buddy, what speed are you printing at? Just downloaded this and going to give it a try.
I like to run tpu at 15mm/s with 0.1mm layer height

About the same, 0.1mm @ 20 mm/s using Solutech Flexible filament on an Ender 3 Pro. I attached my material profile for Simplify3d if you want to use it.

Im running ender 3 also, ill try out your profile and see how it goes. I struggled with tpu and tpe when i first got it, but now i've got my profile tuned in and it works well.
This mount is exactly what i needed also! I fried all the electronics on my rooster after a hard crash knocked my positive lead off the PDB and in the snow the entire thing went up in flames...

I actually ended up not using this in my final build, as I moved the 4in1 ESC to the bottom of the stack to make the F405-STD more accessible. Although my ESC just broke so I'm considering going to individual ESCs on the arms to save more space in the stack, so I might end up using this again. Sorry to hear about your impromptu bonfire but, the Rooster is a tough little frame for sure. Sounds like you may want to weatherproof some of your components if you insist of lying in the snow :) Hope the print goes well, let me know how it goes and post some photos!

Improptu bonfire is the best way to explain it! I did have everything conformal coated, but once that positive lead hit the snow, the carbon frame was just a giant conductor at that point! guess i should've gone with more conformal! Let's just say i've put flying in the snow off for now...

Printing this afternoon and just waiting to get my new parts in, hopefully, i don't find more components gone bad once i wire it back up. Will post once i get it done!