Xiaomi M365 Hook

by reggaemanu Jan 2, 2019
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I printed this and fitted it to my scooter, and it worked well. Unfortunately a couple of weeks after fitting it fell off, resulting in losing one of the screws. Could some tell me what screw I need to replace the original one

since the holes in the scooter handle are countersunk would it be better to have that in the model?
so when you put the screws back on they have something to tighten against

currently if I tighten too much it cracks, since there is hole behind it. (countersunk)
and if I have them too loose handle starts to wobble after a while

I guess it cracks because your holes are not really round, it shouldn't crack if they are, and it can then support more than 20kg, so just be sure that the holes are round before screwing it are it will force and delaminate the hook, just 3d printing basics...
(the model is countersunk but your holes aren't really round then it will break)

I just print with 90% infill, so solid!!! it looks fine

There is no point with more than arpund 30% infill, perimeters(walls) and top/bottom layers is the settings you must increase to make it strong. Infill does do much to strenghten the parts, to bad people missunderstand this and teach it wrong over to other people.

45/50% should be enough :) (90% won't be really more solid than 50%)
This hook is designed to be rock solid anyway. Some friends of mine do carry way more than 20kg with it without problem (printed at 45% infill)
(Well, they're crazy but it didn't broke, I'll never carry that much weight on my m365 myself ... especially with some glass bottle or any fragile items)

In what orientation do you print this, and with supports?

On the side as in the .stl file and I don't use supports but you can use some if you prefer.