Ace of Spades-Rotating cylinder

by jomoto10 Jan 2, 2019
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I may be missing it, but are there instructions on how the movement should get put together?

Has this thing been fixed yet? The cylinder pivot, hammer, and hammer shroud parts don't make sense. HELP!

Do you guys know of anywhere to send in failed 3d prints/PLA scraps to get re-spooled so it can be reused?

As you all know this has been a work in progress. I can confirm with the modified parts and the latest revisions it will go together and pivot out as well as rotate the cylinder in place. for those of you who plan to print and assemble this awesome creation the bolts do need to have the head diameter reduced and shaved in height.

thank you for the revisions and all the help with making your creation work.

Thanks for all your help!

Barrel and the handle fit like they are supposed to with the exception of having to cut off the nub on the end i have included a pic with the part that needs cut off in red

I'll get that fixed! Are any other parts giving you issues?

the dimensions between the holes on the pivot are still to close to rotate the cylinder out of the body of the gun 2 to 3 mm should clear it

I would love to get this put together but the parts do not fit. I have printed all the parts and have printed the modified parts but it will not fit together even for a test fit.
List of issues
modified lower barrel does not have a slot for the handle to go in
Modified cylinder does not have enough clearance to rotate in and out or to rotate in the housing.
modified cartridge is to large to fit in cylinder

Any help I could get with this would be appreciated.


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Hi extremedeadman!

I'll see about fixing those issues! Is there any chance you can send me a couple pictures of the issues so that I'm sure I'm understanding you correctly? Thank you so much for your input!

the modified cylinder needs to be a smaller diameter across the flat so that it will clear all the edges of both the lower receiver and the housing while keeping the same bearing size

modified cartridge should have a smaller diameter than the interior bore of the cylinder

i have already started to modify the physical parts but here are some pictures

Okay, thank you for that info. I will work on that and upload the new files once I am done. Hopefully second try is the charm.

i will start printing this tomorrow it takes about 24 hours to print with a 20 percent infill and .1 layer height in cura just the lower barrel modified. i figure the new one should take about that long also

You might want to start with a lower infill/taller later height.. I'd hate for you to waste more filament if it doesn't work this time...

i have plenty of filament so no worries there this is for a good friend of mine and I would like to make this as perfect as we can so that others may print and enjoy it also

definitely watching this!

I think we're in the home stretch of prototyping. Once it's complete I'll take down the work in progress flag

Any updates on this? I'm chompin at the bit!

I think we're in the home stretch of prototyping! I'll try to let you know once it's been confirmed to work!

Also watching this in anticipation! Can't wait.