Roll Top Box - round

by gabrielfp Oct 28, 2012
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Does the lid work well with PLA?

Is it roll top box or rool top box? Cuz my remixes are all rool.

This is so F**king good I hate you. Just kidding we made one and its too nice.

Yep, assembly could use some guide pins/sockets. Getting it to stay in place and glued took 3 clamps and a sheet of plastic-covered sheeting. I will see if I accidentally glued to roll top later tonight.
Other than that - I like it!

Printed on Rep. 2 on high quality. Took 8 hrs 50 mins. Pretty cool box but tough to assemble.

I am printing it right now from the .stl fiIe have a question on how to build it using ,
the g code but I can't see the model itself in MakerWare just by loading the G code in make from file from the File Menu (I can print the code though) do I
reconvert g code file to stl to print on my Replicator2.

Nice design

Dude nice! very clever.

I wish this box didn't need to be glued. Not sure how this could be done but still...

I agree. Very nice model. The lid works very well, especially if you use some Silicone spray (my new magic bullet). Still, it is difficult to assemble. Would be nice if there were some tabs or similar to aid in gluing it together. But none the less - AWESOME!

You've got a typo in the title.  I must have read it about 100 times since you posted it and just noticed the typo today.

But it rools! Funny I didn't notice that either. 

I agree it does rool!

Unfortunately that is spelled 'rule' and NOT 'rool'!

It was a pun on the typo in the title of this model.

Lol @ #StatingTheObvious

I like this thing, sliced in skeinforge, made on solidoodle.  But when I glued it together the lid got stuck.  Also there are no guides for bringing the pieces together.  Need to modify into a snap fit so less glue can be used?

 problem with snap fit is that if you didn't calibrate your machine, then it won't fit.

If your printer isn't calibrated you shouldnt be designing and printing stuff other than calibration parts, otherwise we end up with files on thingiverse that are tuned to a specific miss calibrated printer. So yea... if your printer isn't calibrated you shouldnt be printhing this.

I wound up printing the lid at 102%. It fits a lot better for me than the original lid.

Fun print!

 I followed your advice after printing the lid from the original STL. You're right, 102% for the lid (while keeping the rest at the original size) works much better for me too. Before I was having problems with the lid popping out of the track, but not any more.

This is great. Good item to show off 3D printing.

the lid didnt even slice in cura. it was missing its flat part

You should try to print the first layer longitudional from the body of the lid. For my Rapman 3.1 printer, for example, I rotate de lid 45 deg so the frist layer will be longitudinal.

Nice!! <- two thumbs up

How flexible is the lid?

Very flexible (=

I wasn't able to get the lid to fit in the track on the sides.

Anyone have any good setting for Cura?