Universal Router base with circle attachment option

by Smithy2 Jan 3, 2019
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Hi, I'm looking for common routers base plate holes size, positions and screw types, where did you find it ?

Lots of research. Had to go through each manufacturer to get the info. (If available )
Some had drawings, some did not.
A couple of them, I measured off my existing router plate.

I'll be putting my to use again soon on a table top. Should be fun.
I should probably make a guide to help center the pin when doing corners... hmm.. Maybe this weekend.. lol

Hi, could you make a single piece too ? Thanks a lot for your design !

I'm assuming you mean single as in 1 solid piece.
Uploaded that design just now.

Exactly ! Thanks a lot, I can print it in one piece ;)

Nice! One day I will get a printer that can do that.. lol

haha, it's my christmas gift from me to me !
Anycubic Chiron ;)

How long does it take the bed to heat up on that? I've heard mixed reviews on the heating time for 400mm beds.
Wondering if they improved that.

Hi, I just did a test :

  • 50°C : 1'26
  • 60°C : 2'17

I kinda want a bigger printer now.

This one has a 24V circuit, so it's pretty fast ! I didn't measure, but something like a minute or two to reach 60°C. I'll measure and let you know !

That's not bad at all for a plate that size.

Let me know how that print comes out. Watch for warping since it's such a large flat surface.
The trick I use with PLA (On heated glass) is to overheat the glass for the first layer only.. Gets it to stick pretty well with no warping issues.

I'll try for sure ;) But the chiron bed sticks like crazy ;) (UltraBase from anycubic)

You mean a single piece with the circle attachment as part of the model? MIGHT be able to print a 300x300 printer.
Or a single piece made for 1 model router?