Easy to Print Air Purifier -- for inside your enclosure

by Happy_Mad_Scientist Jan 3, 2019
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Good job. I am looking into making something similar. Can you tell me why you chose this fan? There are many noctua fans that move twice as much air at a third of the desibel level. Granted, they cost a bit more though.

Random passerby, but as far as I know, Noctua's, while awesome fans, are not good at producing enough static pressure to push through filters well. Again, this is just as I understand it, but volume of air is not the same as the force at which the volume of air is moved.

Yep. Even the centrifugal fan has trouble pushing air through the filter... for v2 is there any other solutions you can think of that has more static pressure?

This looks really good and smaller than the one I designed and built. I have ordered the parts along with a tester and will be interested in how it performs compared to the one I built.

I love the enclosure you built, It's large of which I don't have an issue with., Do you have plans laying around for it by happen? :)

I have upgraded my Prusa MK3 to MMU and trying to find best solution for filament spool holding other than what came with it.

This gets rid of the smell and toxic VOC's namely formaldehyde. It doesn't get rid of UFP's. There's not much you can do for the UFP's except seal your chamber and/or vent it to the outside (so I've been told)

This appears to be a common misconception. P100 respirator filters are rated to remove >95% of even the trickiest UFPs: https://blogs.cdc.gov/niosh-science-blog/2011/12/07/resp-nano/

So adding a hepa filter wouldnt help?

No. The p100 is basically HEPA. The people I've talked to aren't sure if there's a filter that exists to get rid of the really small UFP's that come from ABS.

Don't take my word for it though. I'm only an ignorant internet person :)

Hi, have you noticed a significant reduction in fumes with this setup?

Yes, it does a really good job. I can't smell any plastic in the room I have it in. My unsealed enclosure is prob maxing out this 120mm fan though. Maybe go with an air bilge pump for an enclosure bigger than mine or make sure your enclosure is sealed if it's any bigger.
Happy to answer any questions you have!