Another Dice Tower Shell (bottle substitute)

by Malolo Jan 4, 2019
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Where can I find that dice tray model? (where the dice comes out onto)
It's not included in this pack, nor in the "Another dice tower" pack or any other packs that I can find here =/

Unfortunately the creator of that model removed it from Thingiverse. As far as I know he was upset that someone made money from it by selling prints.

Just wanted to report I printed your thing at 96.71% scale and it slotted onto the 100% version of "Another Dice Tower" perfectly! Thanks for providing the scale in the description, I thought your explanation was easy to understand :)

Finishing up the top and crown (also scaled) and will post a make after that!

Great to hear - thanks for the feedback. Looking forward to see your make :-).

im afraid after reading the comments im still unsure of the scaling. I have downloaded the files from this link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2839354 as of May 10th this year and some of the files say V2 and some dont.

The ones i am printing that say v2 are: Top_v2.stl & SpiralV2.stl, the rest never had V2 in the name and they all came from the same zip i downloaded. Im planning on printing the crown and shell file from your design.

My question is, do i scale the crown and shell to 103.4% or do i leave it normal with the files that im using?

Another dice tower
by Lau85

Hi Matt,

you have two options - either scale up the files from Lau85's thing to 103.4% or scale down the files from my thing to 96.71%. Lau85's thing is slightly smaller than the files my thing was originally intended for. So you have to either make Lau85's thing bigger or my thing smaller.

ive already printed several parts of Lau85's tower at normal size, so id be advised to scale your shell and crown to 96.71% correct?

That is correct.

thanks a lot for your replies :)

Hi. A quick question before start printing (and save time as well): Do i have to print Tower_Shell.stl as is and the rest parts of https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2839354 scaling up to 103.4%? Thanks in advance.

Another dice tower
by Lau85

Yes - that should work.

Thank you very much!!!

I was using a bottle that didn't fit (I cut a slit down the side) for ages and I hated it.
This, however is a lovely print. I was initially drawn to the "recycle a bottle and have a clear tower" thing, but I MUCH prefer this nice printed wall now. It looks lovely and suits the tower perfectly.
Thanks so much for this awesome design!

Thanks for your kind words. Glad you like it :-)

Comments deleted.

By V2 do you mean the version with integrated dice tray (the one shown in my pictures). If you scaled that one up to 103.5% then you have to scale this by the same amount.

Has any tried to print in in vase mode?

I don't think that printing in vase mode is possible for this one. As far as I know the thing would have to be solid on the inside. This in turn means that door and windows could not be included into the model and you would have to cut out those yourself. It would basically just be a solid cylinder.

I used a single perimeter with 0% infill which I think is the next best thing. The shell needed only 34g filament at 80% scale, and I'm very happy with how it turned out: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:643864

The slicer made connections at the brick layer shifts, the shell seems quite solid despite being so thin.

Many thanks for making this, I think this is a great alternative to using a plastic bottle.

Another Dice Tower Shell (bottle substitute)
by kwx

Hi i cannot understand anything sorry :D
i want to print this tower: https://www.thingiverse.com/GrooveDachschund/about which size should i print your shell? 100% or 96.71%?

your link does not point to a thing but to the user profile of GrooveDachschund. So I assume you want to print this thing. If so, you can print the shell and crown at 100% (no scaling needed).

sorry i must have done a bad copy and paste. yes that is what I meant. thanks! will do 100% then.
thank you!


The tower shell fits the original model perfectly when scaled down to 96.71%
However, I am having difficulty with the crown piece. I first used the model that from here scaled up to 103.4% but it is far too large for the original and the scaled down shell (which seems obvious in hindsight)

I then used the crown from the original Dice Tower, but it did not fit the new shell at all.

I assume that I have to use the crown that was designed for this shell, but I am unsure what to scale it to? Bringing it down to 96.71% seems to make it too small (from the look of things in Cura), but I am open to experimentation since it isn't much plastic

are you talking about this crown piece? If so then you have to use the version from this thing and apply the same scaling to it that you did on the shell. If you scaled the shell down to 96.71% then you have to scale down the crown to 96.71% as well. The original crown piece will not fit and the crown piece from this thing also contributes to the height of the shell. If you use any other crown piece your shell will not reach the necessary height.

Ah!! kk
I'll give it a shot and update soon :)

Comments deleted.

If you count the bottle as part of the original model then yes. Otherwise it's technically more like an addon/extension.

Scaled it to 96.71% and it didn't fit on the V2 at 103.4%. Seems just a bit small. Maybe if I left it original size it would of worked. I'll try another one tonight.

As I tried to say in the description - the STL file is already scaled to fit V2 (the one with integrated dice tray). If you use V2 it should fit as is without scaling it up or down. You only have to scale it down to 96.71% if you want to use it for the original thing.

If you want to use the new top element from the original thing for V2 (the one with integrated dice tray) then you have to scale the new top element up to 103.4% to fit the rest of the V2 objects.

It may be a bit confusing - I hope that made it a bit clearer. What I did a lot to waste less filament and time while testing was to only print a few centimeters from top and bottom and deleted the rest of the tube with a plane cut in Meshmixer. Maybe you want to do the same to make sure the size is correct for your model.

Another dice tower
by Lau85

Actually now that i look back i made the original by Lau85 at 103.4% for the smart bottle and scaled your design to 96.71%.

But what i will do is just like you said, just do the first few centimeters and fit it that way. Thanks again for the model!

If you scaled the original thing by Lau85 to 103.4% then this thing should fit without scaling it down.

I made the original dice tower for a Christmas gift, but I like this better. Back to the printer...

I'm just here to say, WOW, thats a clean freaking print! Well done.

Thank you. Glitter filament helps a lot to hide imperfections. I'm very happy with the way it turned out though.

Ho Boy, i printed it and havent found a bottle that suits it for sooo long.

I was just watching for another new dice tower to print and just randomly saw this! I LOVE YOU AND ILL PRINT THIS RIGHT NOW! Thanks you soo much! :D

Glad you like it. I hope it fits for you. It did for me but different printer and filament may have different results. If it does not fit I could try to increase tolerances a bit.

On a side note: this dice tower was the very thing that made me realize I wanted a 3D printer :-).