Ace of Spades Hand Cannon

by jdflute Jan 4, 2019
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Took some time but it’s done, be aware that you need 7 of the small pins and that the hammer needs a ”print thin layers” or something setting on in Cura. I printed at 70% scale with supports and it is still much bigger than a normal revolver and looks huge in my hand so 80% tops should do it.

Something funky with these parts:


What is the tolerance gap between parts in Fusion? IE. My print is configured to a tolerance of 0.2mm so, in Fusion, I design a 0.1-0.15 gap between parts that will fit tightly and unmovingly together and a 0.2 gap between parts that will fit nearly perfectly together while still being movable.

When i slice this with Cura, the first layer is wonky for the halves. They are missing about one layers' worth of material, with the mirror side matching it.. Hard to explain, but will attach a screen shot.

I think this is a bug with Cura, essentially it is not laying flat on the bed. You can see this, as your skirt does not go around the full perimeter. If you go through the layers, the full print will occur it layer 2 or 3. Try using the lay flat button a couple of times.

Thank you for the tip "lay flat" button. I was fighting with the orientation, trying 1deg at a time to get it to do exactly that.

Is the build in the pictures scaled to 80%?

Damn, you really need to make that "scale to 80% for printing" red and blinking.

I didn't notice it.

I'm waiting for the print to finish.

It's huge.


gonna have to give this a shot!

Is it already done or are you still working on it?
And if you are still working on it, do you have an estimate on its finishing date?

The model is fine as it is, I have just finished printing the pieces and am putting them together, no major issues found but I suspect a little trimming may be required if your printer tolerances are not so tight. I will be creating an additional piece to fit inside the chamber for a better fit.

I might also create alternative trigger bodies for a move-able trigger & hammer over the next couple of weeks

Any Progress on this? Would be really awesome, but don't want to glue everything up and then find that you released this awesome update to then have to reprint everything else too.

Hey just a quick question, Does the barrel rotate and pop out? Also do you have a guide on how to assemble it :) Thanks!

Hi, I think you mean the chamber, if so then yes it does. No guide to assemble I'm afraid but it is quite simple, just remember to start with the chamber mechanism. Some easing will probably be required

Just worried with all those pieces haha alright im gonna print everything out and give it a shot!