VW Vanagon Doka

by Alexby Jan 6, 2019
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I love you for this.
Oh my God I'm looking so long for trx4 but I will just modify this

Hi, i found a problem with the DOKA_BODY_REAR, there is a part sticking out of the place where the licenceplate goes. And the step-file is seperated in half, its difficult to make stl in fusion 360... apart of that: very nice body! Thanks!

Fantastic, love the detailed prints you provided, are you planung on making a T3 bus also?
I would be glad to provide you pictures of a 1980 Typ4 engined bus if you choose to use them as a design guide.
have a great day!

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This is so awesome! Nice work! Once I get my real Doka ready I am gonna make this one to be put on its bed!

So awesome!

What scale size is this please?

Hey good people. Thanks for your patience. I finally got this cut up into smaller bite to print. Also loaded a STEP if you want to jump in and make adjustments.

Thanks! I'll print a new body next week I guess. Need to change some things on the model

Nice model! I'm printing it smaller than your model (32 cm long, 1:14 scale) and there is a few spots where the walls become very thin, but I'll make it work. Also had to cut the stl into smaller parts to make it fit on my prusa, and to avoid to much support.
I'm also trying to make an interiour and bumpers, but it's hard with only the stl file. I would love to get a file that is more fusion 360 compatble.
I will try to post a picture when I'm done!
Thanks for making this model!!

is it possible to make a normal bus model for you?
Would be very nice :)

is there anyway to cut it down more, I'm new to this, my printing area is 220x220x250, ender-3

I use Autodesk Fusion 360 for cutting stl files to fit my printer

you could try to scale the model with repetier host or in your slicer