CR10S-Pro BLTouch support

by siteswapjuggler Jan 7, 2019
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Can you show us yours wiring?

No works for me bltouch is a little bit to high. So at second probing noozle hits into bed

I have the same problem. I would say a tweak of 1mm would fix it.

Printed out of PETG and works great.... but BLTouch v3.0 sensors are shipping now and do not work yet on the Creality CR-10s Pro. Make sure you are getting an older version BLTouch or wait until there is a fix before ordering.

Check out comments about the jumper by chunter1 on this thread:

Is this ok to print in pla? I would be quite worried that the proximity to the hot-end might cause it to deform

Heres a video by 3D Printing Canada that installs a BL Touch and upgrades firmware, step by step, hope this helps people. I personally have yet to do this but its on my list of things I want to do

Hi, thx for this thing ! I did the upgrade to BLTouch, but now, during bed calibration, the nozzle touch the bed and leave a drop of plastic to each measurment point, is it normal ? I think by lowering the BLTouch by a milimeter it should solve this problem ? What do you think ?

Version 3 of BLTouch has this problem. I did not receive a solution yet from 3DPrinting Canada where a bought mine.

Same here - hooked up a v3.0 BLTouch and doesn't work properly

Check out comments about the jumper by chunter1 on this thread:

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What did you print this in?

Hello thank you for this. i upgrade firmware to 1.1.9 of Tiny machine. I do not have the ability to change a firmware. are you working on that?if you can make this probe usable, you can solve many problems of this machine

I'm guessing this sensor is worth replacing the stock sensor? I'm new to 3d printing and bought the cr-10s pro.

Not sure actually, I experienced a lot of trouble with levelling so I suspected the sensor first because well it's a low cost capactive sensor. But finally it sounds that the problem is a combination of the original bad sensor, a bad firmware and an unexpected scenario of usage.

I'm currently rewriting a clean version of the firmware bases on the 1.1.9 version of Marlin. I expect it to work with a 128x64 lcd screen soon then I'll try to implement the creality touchscreen protocol (which is quiet a pain but still).

Can we change the sensor without changing firmware? I know that marlin doesn't work with the screen so I'm waiting for a new version or something. The stock sensor sucks..
Are you in the new group about cr10s-pro? https://www.facebook.com/groups/349795075790740/

It's sadly not possible to change to a BlTouch without changing the firmware as we need to activate the probe and servo pin. Anyway the modification is quiet easy to do as Creality share it's source.

Thanks for your work on this. I'm curious on how you physically connected the BL Touch to the printer. I understand the wiring may not be direct from the old one. I know there are a few firmware projects out there as well, and would like to try one of them, but I've no clue the complexity in wiring in the BL Touch. Any description on your experience?

I saw that creality shared his marlin 1.1.6.
it can be downloaded from the official website.
also tiny machines I have but set in his fw ... should be enough to activate it and make the right connections.
can you verify?
how is the project going forward?
thanks for the support.
if it works properly you will be my salvation

I actually started by modifing the creality firmware by adding the BlTouch, and I'm now with a fork of Marlin bugfix of my own where I dropped the Touchscreen to a standard 128x64 LCD in addition to the BlTouch update.

Can you share the FW and how to wiring the LCD? I hate the touchscreen.

Maybe you can share your infos on the CR10 subreddit? https://www.reddit.com/r/CR10/

That would be great, because there are more peoples who read and comment.

I planned to do it but have some urgent work that make my schedule quiet full right now. There is the pinout I did to help with the connection and the zip of the firmware I use.

My BlTouch is wired to D12 for the probe and D11 for the servo. Connecting LCD screens depends on your screens pinout, you just have to take attention to the connecting pads if it use LCDE and LCDRS.

Thank you

I got a RepRapDiscount full graphic smart controller and a BLTouch today... so far so good.

I search the web for LCDE or LCDRS. My Display should be a LCDRS (https://github.com/MarlinFirmware/Marlin/issues/10640#issuecomment-388699863)


  1. There are two solder pads on the mainboard to define LCDE or LCDRS - i think. But which is which? And there is a "R" before the numbers. And "R" stands for Resistor - doesn't it?

  2. You say, that you connected D12 for the probe and D11 for the servo. But i did not found any information about the BLTouch which cable is "servo" or " probe". I found out, that the black/white is for "Z-min_endstop", red "+5V" and orange for "Signal"..

Can you tell me which color of the cable connects to the pins?

Thank you in advance