Ekobots - Rubik's Cube

by jsirgado May 16, 2014
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how well does it preform?

Hi IzaCor.

It is very hard to say, because it depends the printer quality.
It was made to match perfect with just a little gap between the pieces.

I can just return the question.
How well does your printer?

King regards Juan.

i have the formlabs form 2.
its a very good printer i just wanted to know before i try to print it...
thank you for replying!

I had to drill the centers a lot to get 3mm screws to fit...

Hi skitcher.

The holes in the piece 0(center of the cube) are 3mm.
The holes in the piece 1(center of the faces) are 3.4mm.
It is part of the process, good job.

Kind regards Juan.

Could you share the scad file?

The description says the SCAD file is on MyMiniFactory, but it doesn't seem to be there anymore.

@jsirgado I would love to modify your SCAD file if you are able to share it. If not I will try to start from scratch soon.

Does it print out with full size rubiks cube detentions?

What is the weight of this product when printed to these sizes?

Hi Meme365139!

Printing in ABS at the size of 100% and with infill of 50% it will weight about 100g.
With no screws and no washers.

The numbers:
1Kg of ABS 3mm filament is about 120m long, it is 8.33g per meter.
The 3 plates at size=100% and infill=50% will use 11.65m;
Then 8.33g x 11.65m = 97.04g
There are lots of parameters and all of then can change the value.
But ~100g is a good shot.

King regards: Juan.

What program did you use to make this was it Autodesk Inventor because I would like to print it all in one file not assembled but each piece in one file instead of 10 files please tell me

I used "OpenSCAD" for desing, it is not a "draw interface", it is a "programming interface":

I would like to make with PVA (water soluble support filament). I hope to print as one piece.

Hi sirwejiv!

Yes, you can use PVA as support material.
I created 3 plates to make it easy to print(all the support parts are there):

  • Plate_1of3.stl
  • Plate_2of3.stl
  • Plate_3of3.stl
    You can join all pieces in one plate and print at once.

But I do not understand the "as one piece".
You still need 6 screws, 6 washers and mount all because the moving parts.

Or you like a non-functional Rubik's cube, for decorative purpose?
For this case I can upload a file .STL with a full Rubi's cube,
without the screws holes and with all parts together.

I would like it assembled in a way that I can take it off of the print bed, dissolve the PVA that was holding the cube together, and then start using it without needing to assemble.  It may be necessary to leave the holes in the centers and core for screws or rods in order to make the extended core strong - I don't know yet.  It might be necessary to have a very thin layer of PVA between the corners and cardinals so that they aren't fused to the core or center pieces.
I just think that the rubiks cube would make an excellent example for students of what 3D printers can really do in terms of creating preassembled objects with less pieces.  

Hi sirwejiv!

Now I understood the "as one piece". ;-)
I really like your idea and I believe it is possible make a pre-assembled Rubik´s cube.
It is not possible for this specific version of the object, because the screw system.
I can create a derivation of this object and change the screws for a system like "ball joint".
I do not know if the new system will be strong as it needs, without the screws.
And it will take time to change the code, print and test all.
I cannot promise you that I will do it,
But if I find time and do it, I promise tell you.

Regards Juan.

Thanx for your response. I was going to give it a try but i am sure it will take a lot longer as i am not the engineer that you obviously are.
As with all things hobby related -do what you think you would enjoy. :-)

Hi sirwejiv!

You are a luck guy... holiday of 4 days in Brazil! ;-)
Done: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1597936
I do not printed it yet, "out of filament" again rsrsrs
Please be careful.

Ekobots - Rubik´s Cube "As one piece".

Wow. That's great! Fortunately for me I have so much filament it's coming out of my ears! (American expression. ;-) )
I'll definitely try it out and let you know.