Ender 3 Pro, Y axis damper mount

by CDeviant Jan 7, 2019
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Seems that some newer ender pros have the belt running through a hole in the metal bracket that this replaces. So you have to remove the belt to install this. Of course I didn't discover this until after printing the version with the open belt slot. Not really a big deal though, because even with the open slot it's still super sturdy. :)

Damn it, haha, v4 after I 3d printed and installed v3, LOL
Well, here is my experience with it.

BUILD: SOOOOOOOOO sturdy! I have never printed anything as sturdy and well designed. I used 0.2, 6 layers and 60% infill with PLA2
SUPPORTS: I know it said no supports, but I used them. And... what I pain in the ass to remove them!
HOLES: overall, they all worked great. Placement wise, one was off and couldn't get the damper to fit. Rotating it 90 decrees fixed that, but still they fit in a weird way, a bit forced. Sorry I can't be more specific about the one that wasn't matching, I got into panic mode :(
INSTALLATION: the installation is not the easiest, but still managed to do it without removing the bed, yeah!
FINAL THOUGHTS: right now I am very happy with this, but I need to see how this goes on the long run as the belt touches the border of the pulley and makes a noise. Maybe it could be fixed by making the wall supporting the motor a bit thinner, but that would remove part of the sturdiness, so... no idea. Right now I can see the belt wearing out over the time. I'm gonna see if I can design something to keep it centered using the two screw holes I'm not using from the damper.

I'm gonna check out the noise RIGHT NOW :) I will post some pictures of my make too.


I'm sorry about the mounting hole locations, v3 was supposed to fix that, but I totally forgot to move them after adjusting the size of the holes.

It's possible that not every pulley is pressed onto the same exact spot on the motor shaft.

I could easily design a thinner bracket if you think that would suit you.

Ideally that dang pulley would just be adjustable :/

NP, if you were charging $20 for the design I would be mad, but you are doing more than enough :) Thanks so much for the design again!

"I could easily design a thinner bracket if you think that would suit you."
If it's not much hassle, making that wall 20% thinner so the pulley is closer to the center would be great.
I have a thought though... it was a bit challenging to put the belt on the pulley, so if it's moved in even more, maybe putting the belt would be even harder... Maybe the solution is that 20% thinner AND making the wedge a bit less "wedgy" (making the angled side a bit more straight, giving some extra room to compensate)

"Ideally that dang pulley would just be adjustable :/"
Yeah right? At least we have you :)

Thanks again! I'll post my make right now

I just start print of V3 ver
With PLA.
hope will be good ;)

thanks for good work

Sorry to inform, but v3 will require a drill to enlarge the mounting holes so the damper can be bolted on. v4 fixes this.

Nice design and easy print - use supported one as it breaks off easily.
I went ahead with wanting to install this, however I quickly ran into road blocks I would suggest you mention
in the description so that newer people don't run into this issue, not knowing what to do.
I would only recommend this to any one building Ender 3 Pro from scratch for these reasons...

  • After removing the motor frame bracket, it becomes clear that the belt is locked inside the bracket
    and can only be removed by unclipping it from the underside of the bed plate, which means...
  • removing the 4 bed adjustment wheels to release the bed, however...
  • to release the bed you have to loosen the eccentric nuts under the bed

All that work is NOT worth a dampener upgrade if you then have to re-adjust the wheels and bed plate,
re-attach the adjustment wheels and therefore have to re-level the bed all over again.
So, if you currently have a level bed, this upgrade is best done whenever you have to make serious adjustments
to an already working machine.

It's much simpler to simply buy a new stepper motor with adjustable fitting wheel, which is what I will do now.

I can understand how it all seems daunting, especially removing/reinserting the belt in the tight space under the bed. But really it's all pretty simple, and can be done in little time. A level bed is trivial, something that really only takes a few minutes to setup.

You don't even need to remove the bed though. You can just unhook the belt at the back of the bed by loosening the belt tension on the front.

If you can't do it that way, you can also unscrew the 4 bed knobs, and remove the bed that way. This is probably the easiest way to remove the lower belt.

If a level bed really means that much, please buy a replacement motor+pulley so you don't have to adjust the precious position of the bed knobs.

Printed excellent without supports, thanks for the design!
Unfortunately, the spacing between the stepper damper mounting holes is only ~42.4mm (measured in CAD and verified with print), while the required spacing would be 44mm. And the holes are rather for M4 bolts then M3. Due to the wide holes, I can mount the damper.
Would it be possible to get the CAD files from you, so I can fix this for me? :)

Hi I was just wondering if you guys can answer a few questions.

  1. Did you find any improvement on your prints with stepper motor dampeners? Since vibrations are being absorbed?
  2. Will this make the feet vibration dampeners obsolete? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3316671
  3. Which stepper motor dampeners should I order from Amazon? And how many do I need? X,Y, Z, E?
  4. Do I need to modify the Y stopper? Someone here commented that they had to bend it a little.
  5. Which do you recommend for the X-axis?
Creality Ender 3 - Feet Noise Dampers

Good job my friend:). Greetings

Comments deleted.

i have mounted it rally good and stabil!
What do You think about designing x mount as one piece.
Here 2 pices (copy of creality bracket)

Ender 3 X-axis stepper motor damper mount

Honestly, that part doesn't look like much could be improved. Are you having issues with the belt staying aligned after putting tension to it?

I did printed this x mount and it doesnt look very stabil... the 3mm thick mount plate is too less.
In my opinion there is still potential for improvment here and there ... :) It would be a intresting project for future for me, now to less time.
But your design is really ok.

Printed on PETG at 60% infill, mine came out at 31 grams.
Make posted, I'll be installing it today, thanks again for this, also the bridging at the top is perfect and there was no need for supports.
Excellent Engineering on this one!

Comments deleted.

Did you have to move your y-switch to the other side of the extrusion?

I've uploaded the new version that should fit the end stop switch better.

I just moved it forward a little bit and pushed the wires out of the way.

I could modify it so that isn't necessary though.

Awesome, thank you!

Thank you for designing this thing. It looks solid enough to stop a hippo riding a freight train. I'll be fitting it in the morning

thanks for posting this design.
It is really printede without supports? (oriented like on pictures)

Yes it should print fine without support.

There's a small 2.25mm overhang at the bottom that might cause some trouble without great cooling. But it should be very printable.

I've uploaded a version with custom support in that area if you're unsure.

Everything else should print great.

This printed well and fit perfectly for me! Thank you very much for creating this design. I will report back over time for long term results.

Do you mind posting a picture of how it's supposed to fit? I can't decide whether to print this or the one by Reduce_ - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3316057 :/

Y Axis Motor Damper Fix (Non Removable Gears)
by Reduce_

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3240449 It fits just like this one. I just designed my model to be more rigid, and hopefully not flex.

The model uploaded by Reduce_ is for the non Pro ender 3. I'm not sure it will fit the Pro model.

Ender-3 Pro dampened axis Y motor holder v3.1
by KrisHo1

Yeah, I didn't know that the Pro mount is different from the non-pro. My ender 3 just arrived and it's one of the newer revs, also can't remove the gear. It seems like the mounts made for non-pro ender 3s are simpler and less likely to fail lol