OpenSCAD Joint Connectors v1.0

by MakerBlock Oct 31, 2012
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I'm not sure the one with the round top is quite right. First, since the arms have no shoulders, there's no need for the top to be round. Second, it doesn't look quite round on the inside (I haven't built it yet, but I loaded it into OpenScad and looked at it carefully. Third, even if the roundness was needed, it should not continue past the three o'clock position. That cutout makes the part weaker for no good reason (that I can see). Fourth, if the roundness was needed, then it ought to continue 30 degrees past the vertical , or to the one o'clock position.


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OpenSCAD Voltron, Defender of the Thingiverse

I'd just made your snap-together sonic screwdriver for a colleague, and I'd been about to import the file into TinkerCad so I could pull out the connectors since they were so well done. As an eternal novice in the field, this was really impressive to see work so well, and I can see so many potential applications!

I'm glad they worked for you!

I use tony's pins and I have a use for these as well.  Great Job!

Oh, yeah, by the way, I used these connectors in OpenSCAD Voltron

OpenSCAD Voltron, Defender of the Thingiverse