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by Works-Of-Claye Apr 12, 2019
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Grrr.. I tried to print the rear part 4 times now, and every single time, one of the branching pieces falls over before reaching the support beam. I tried with a large brim, tried Slic3r and Cura, and it takes me plenty of force to get the other pieces off the bed so the adhesion is good, tried rotating it, etc.. I think there's too much leverage on the branching part before it gets to the support.
Is there any chance you could create one with an additional support there? Unfortunately, auto-generated support is way messy and doesn't work out well for the model.

This is a curious problem. The footprint for the support is really large so I'm not sure why it's giving you so much trouble. I'll see what I can do.

It is curious.. also, strangely, upon closer inspection, I found that the area just before it tears off is strangely melty, as if the extruder lingered too long there.. which is strange, because it only ever happens on the one side, never both.

BTW - are you printing the supports with infill? I suggest separating them out and printing them with no infill and parimeters.

Here is a version of the back half with the support changed to make it branch less and gives it a bigger footprint. But I'm not sure that will solve the problem. If you find it does, then I'll add it to the files list.

The supports are printed the same way as the rest. The problem is not the support itself, the breaking point is before that. I salvaged the pieces from the bin. One is shorter than the others, the other two seem to have collapsed at the same height. Those failed shortly before reaching the support.
The weirdest part is that it's always that side, never the other.

I misunderstood - you want more support at the branching portion of the model? With Slic3r (the Prusa Edition) you can add extra supports where you think they need it. I've printed this section with my Prusa and Ender 3 without issue. What print settings and material are you using?

I think supports in the pictured area would help to keep that part from being levered off the bed.. before it reaches the existing support, it's fairly far out and even a slight pressure on the end can topple it (which is what happens to me apparently).
I had tried the Prusa Slic3r edition before and results were mediocre for me.
I use a Mendel 90, PLA at 195°, 60° bed. I have no issues with other prints, although admittedly most of them are much smaller.
I also printed the front half without any trouble.
I'm currently printing the back half at 50% scaling to see if that makes any difference.

Check out this version with additional support (made it before seeing your picture)

Sadly, it tore off again. This time, I had turned the print 90° in the other direction.. still broke off the same side as before. 8mm brim this time, extra glue on the bed. I have absolutely no idea what causes it, but it has to be tearing it off with some major force.

This is strange - almost sounds like a mechanical problem at that Z level but I'm just guessing. From your previous picture it looked like the print head was pushing into the model. Maybe setup a video camera and capture the failure? It might help to better understand what's going on.

I take it other prints of similar heights work? Maybe test print a tall cylinder to see if it goes past that point?

I'd be with you on that if it didn't continue to print the rest of the model just fine, i.e. the other arc, the side of the same arc that doesn't fall over, and all the supports. It continues to print after the one side falls over and never hits any other part. And it's entirely independant of rotation, so it's not a specific spot on the bed, or i.e. the fan mount hitting it, or anything.

FWIW - I've uploaded the back arcs as two separate .STLs so they can easily be printed separately.

Well.. I added a raft, increased bed temperature further, AND printed the large arc.. and it printed fine this time. Except that the supports wouldn't come off and it broke. Seems I can't win with this one.

Third times the charm (or 5th) - I've double checked and tweaked the lower supports to not engage as much into the arc. Double check with your slicer to make sure the settings you're using are not causing a hard bridge there.

Printing that now. Strangely, the first few prints, where it always broke off mid-print, the supports came off smoothly.. but on the single large arc one, they were stuck so firmly, I had to use a lot of force for them to come off at all.

Well upon closer review I found the lower supports (in the previous version) were too close and it cause bridging that could introduce trouble separating it. I know we should be able to resolve this - but a good tool for your arsenal is a heated razor knife. Next time something doesn't cooperate - slice that bitch! :)

All of the supports or just the newer lower ones? Maybe remove them and try printing without them? Or separate them and move them away .4mm or so? I did them manually - never got a chance to test them. I'm surprised they were that attached.

Oh, awesome.. I may try just the usually failing arc just to see what happens. Thanks.

Good luck. We'll sort this out yet.

Maybe try removing the two halves and print them separately? I wonder if that might get you past this weirdness - or maybe help to isolate where the problem is? I take it, it always fails at the same point in the model?

Just to make things more complicated, it doesn't fail at the same spot each time. It can be as much as 3 mm further up or down.
I cut the original in half (the one you remixed off of) and will try printing that instead next.. if that fails, I'll also try chopping it into more pieces.

Nope, it's the branching side (note the half-circle part on the center piece).. but yes, that's what I meant. I'll give that one a try.. thank you very much.

Hope it works. What printer and filament are you using? I've printed this in PLA without the need for these supports on both a Prusa and Ender 3, I think I even used both Slic3r and S3D.

It's a Mendel 90 with BasicFIL PLA filament.

Slic3r auto-repairs 242 errors in the Front half thing

I thought I ran it through the netfab - maybe I should double check that.

Well I printed it today and it kinda failed. In the tip there was a z jump and it fell into two parts. If thingiverse would let me I could add a photo here but you have to see under makes

So I ran the mesh through Meshmixer's inspect and repair function and now don't get any errors but for now will post the 'repaired' front half as V2. Also note that if I use Netfabb within Slic3r to fix V2 is creates errors in the mesh...so there is that.

I see your results. Not sure what to make of that, I didn't have that problem with my Prusa. So the back half printed ok?

sry forgot to write... the back half was ok. and i printed the v2 version again but the holes are missing to help to glue the fins/loops

BTW - I updated the front have to fix the manifold errors and include the bridge!

Damn - yeah I see that now. Sorry. One possible solution to that would be to print the first 10 layers of the 'original' and use those parts to align and drill holes? Just a thought. I'll see about correcting that.

Has anyone printed the front half without support? Cura seems to put the supports in odd places leaving bits i think should be supported, unsupported.

Yes, I have and this picture demonstrates it. image

You shouldn't need supports at all.

Thanks! The wife will be so happy!

awesome model! Quick questions...Was this printed without infill? Also, are the support pieces you have on the model able to be easily removed?

Yes and yes. I used the Gyroid infill - maybe 20% and yes the supports break off very easily

I am printing the file from Orunhunter and I just finished the nose cone and it has the bridge included and I downloaded this in January but only got round to print it out now... not sure if he updated his files but it does have the bridge see attached image.

Do you have or know of a good stand for this?

I started to make a stand for it but didn't really like it. I thought someone else made one. Anyway - if I do get around to it, I'll be sure to let you know.

Not sure if Thingiverse has damaged the files but I'm getting a bad mesh problem and strange artefacts when slicing.

I don't think Thingiverse has done anything to the files. What program are you reviewing the mesh in? (one picture looks like Simplify 3D)

Anyway - I've not had any problems printing them - that 'smashed mesh' looks like a triangulation during tessellation and also surface smoothing the shaded surface. I did run them through Netfab originally - they should print fine. At least they did here and for a friend of mine who I shared these files with originally.

Thank you SO Much!

You're welcome sir! Enjoy