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by marr89 Jan 8, 2019
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Cool design. I'd like to make a version of this big enough for a small switching power supply and ports for an AC socket / switch on back and an a mini DIN plug on the front. I haven't use any of the OpenSCAD tools before. How do I modify this to increase it's dimensions? The power supply is 5" x 4" x 1.5" and I need room for the incoming and outgoing jacks.

you can open the file in open scad and change the variables you like. You can export to stl file and use any 3D editor that supports these files. Or you could make the cutout in open scad itself using the difference command.

Hey! nice design! I have two things for ya, first I'm just curious what are you using for design? I personally use Fusion 360 but I'm always interested in what other people use.

Second, just a recommendation, it might not be a bad idea to extend the vertical screw receptors on the main body to the base, just for ease of printing to avoid having to use support. Thank you for uploading this!

I use openscad,

The screw suport might not be that prety for the first few layers but i expect the print would be functional. I might add a sloped element under it to make it more printable.