Ender 3 Vent Ring 2

by Filboyt Jan 9, 2019
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Would love to see something like this for my Prusa Mk3!!!

I tried the 2 versions and in my Ender 3 works the first one, without "tall".


PLA ou ABS ?

Chez moi PLA, ça a fonctionné 2 semaines et à présent, l'anneau a tendance a tomber et il frôle la pièce en impression.
Tout est bien fixé pourtant
Chaleur qui déforme l'anneau ?
Je tente d'en imprimer un second pour tester.

ender 3 pro
rien à modifier, taille parfaite, tout s'ajuste correctement

La chaleur ne devrait pas déformer l’anneau, le mien est également en PLA.
J'imprime beaucoup en utilisant PETG @ 255c. Combien de murs et quel intérieur avez-vous utilisé?
Si je peux aider à trouver la cause.
(De Google Translate)

Pour le moment j'ai triché, j'ai desséré les vis et replacé l'anneau de niveau. Malgré cela, c'est limite. Dès que j'ai plus de temps je me pencherai sur la question. Comme tu dis, tu n'as pas de problèmes avec des temp a 255, donc pas de raison, le problème vient de chez moi.
Pour répondre a ta question, 3 ou 4 murs, remplissage en rectilinear

Hello. Do I have to modify the software or the hardware to install it? or only set it with screws.
I have an ender crealty 3 pro.
Thank you. have a nice day

No mods needed. designed to use the screws from stock air curve.

I'm assuming this is printed without supports? Otherwise there would be no way to remove them.

Correct, no supports needed.

Dude you don't even explain wtf this thing is... vent ring for what...? Where does it go? What's it for?

I will upload a pic once home, but there are many great pics in the "Makes" section. Just remove the 2 screws holding the curve fan exhaust and replace with this. Directly below the part cooler fan on the side of your Hot-end housing. Works well with all micro-swiss based housings, Ender 3, ender 2, CR-10 series printers.

Thanks dude! Sorry if I sounded like a dick, my sarcasm doesn't translate well over text... I'm super new to 3D printing and was looking for mods for my ender and just couldn't figure out what this contraption was lol. Thanks for explaining it, I didn't realize there was a "makes" section, thats super helpful.

"Airflow re-adjusted to stay just below the nozzle with the new wider gaps.
Height is set to be comparable to the Short original."

you can't read or what or can't use google "vent ring ender"?

Comments deleted.

I'm new to 3D printing and have no idea what that means

it replaces the pre-installed vent. It centers the air flow to better cool your prints and make overhangs and stuff look better and print easier.

Done few prints with this vent, and I've got more stringing/oozing (PLA) than ever with this mod. Wasted so much time tweaking retraction settings and so on, placed stock vent duct and everything is fine now.

Yup, I use TIANSE PLA for most my stuff.

Hi, thanks for sharing your creation and updating it along the way. I've been using your vent ring and wanted to share my thoughts and experience.

First, I had no issues printing or installing this version on my Ender 3, which has a QC date of 5-JAN-2019. It fit perfectly on my stock fan and the design is IMO the most attractive that I've seen. The previous version fit just as well.

Functionally, it's clearly much more efficient than the stock fan vent. Like others that have commented on this and earlier versions, I immediately had issues with bed adhesion when starting a print (PLA), even when the fan is set to 0 for initial layer. The ring seems to funnel more air from the heater fan and directs it onto the filament and bed - cooling both and causing adhesion failures. I was able to overcome that effect by upping my nozzle and bed temp by about 5C and re-leveling the bed to a very tight clearance. BTW, I've tried it on both the flexible magnetic bed that came with the printer and the Creality glass bed, and I had more adhesion problems on the glass bed.

After overcoming the adhesion issue, I found that the vent works very well on the remainder of the print. In fact, again, maybe a little too well. Even with my tip running 5C hotter, I found better results running with the fan speed set at 75% or even 50% (I ran at 100% using the stock vent). I've noticed some occasional bridging failures where I saw almost none with the stock fan vent, so I think I still have some tweaking to do on the nozzle temp and fan speed.

As far as the finished product, I think I see a slight improvement in the consistency and smoothness on outer surfaces, but I need print more variety and tweak my profile more before I could say for sure. One thing I will say is that running the fan at 50% or 75% produces much less fan noise. I'm going to continue using this vent and tweaking my profile to see if I can get some noticeably better results with it, and I'll come back and share if I have any success.

Thanks again!

Just for a note - I have no issues with adhesion after installing this mod. Everything is as usual, the bed is stock magnet one (Ender 3 pro), and it's get cleaned after 5-10 prints. Bed temp is set at 60, fan speed is (per cura settings) - initial 0, 100% at layer number 2.

Most welcome, Thanks for the detailed info!
For the glass bed get aquanet extra super hold hairspray. Unscented, Its a purple can. I keep it in the drybox with filament so its never cold. few light sprays and good to go. I clean the bed every 10 or so prints, If it seems thick. I preheat bed to 60, spray, print at 54. never lets me down

Now if you could make one centered, it would fit the Geeetech A10/A30!

Hi, just got myself an Ender 2. Can I use this fan ring for the Ender 2 as well? And what type of fan is used?

This will fit on the ender 2 as well. Just take the half curve stock air vent off the part cooler fan.

thanks, this one worked better for me than your previous versions

Hello I have a problem
What do i have to do after download the files.If I unpack them and take it over to the microSD,after the inserting of the card are no other files than the standard files showen to me in the menu.And yes i refreshed the sd card in the menu.

You have to convert it to a GCode...try using a program like Cura, or Slic3r.

What's the difference between two files ?

can you post of picture of this mounted? I need something like this for a hypercube evolution. Is this pretty big? I am wondering how its so close to to the heat block and not melting

One of the "Makes" has a photo of it fitted +it probably wasn't there when you asked) - https://www.thingiverse.com/make:591883

Ender 3 Vent Ring 2
by Rivory