Can holder / Dice Mug

by ArsMoriendi3D Jan 9, 2019
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Awesome print! Doesn't fit a can though. I could probably force a can in there but don't want to break it. Printed at .15 layer height, 20% infil, and 4 walls (1.5mm). Took 29 hours.

That's very unfortunate, it came out very nice though! It's modelled to be a 'tight' fit, but maybe there's a tiny tolerance issue, like a tiny amount of over-extrusion? I haven't experienced this, but I'm glad you're sharing the info. I hope you can get it working with some sandpaper!

What would be your advice on color filament to print these with? I see you chose white. I print my D&D stuff in Gray for painting but this looks like (according to your instructions) as well as a friend who's a hobbyist minature painter that this needs to be primed in black, then dark brown, then lighter browns.

Could I forgo the initial black primer if I printed in black? Thinking mostly so I don't have to paint the interior of the cup.

Actually it's fine. Nothing to see here except a awesome cup!

Could I give a print of this away for a prize for watching a live stream?

Sorry about the late reply but sure, I don't mind for a one time give away! Good luck with your streaming!

Thanks, man/ma'am!

Are any of these models compatible with 12oz beer bottles?

I haven't tried, I live in the EU so I don't have access to those bottles. But in general, they have only been designed for cans!

Could you do just the handle and I can glue it on. Or make one with a slot that the handle would go in
Edit: After doing some moving around and rotating the model i was able to get the one with no feet but has handle to fit on the flash forge finder. Printing it now.
BTW LOVE THE Design. Printed Once without the feet or hand and love it. Last night our power went out while a second print of it was going and now I have a bowl. Might be an idea for you to make a small bowl one ill upload pictures when Im done.

I'm glad you figured it out to make it fit! Especially just a small rotate makes a surprising difference. Thank you very much for the kind words, glad you like it! Haha, that sounds cool that it wasn't a complete waste of print, I will think of making a bowl some day. Tomorrow there will be another kind of wooden mug up. Looking forward to see the pictures!

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Great files, love the design. It appears that on the mug with no feet model there is a small artifact on layer one which then makes almost the entire base of the mug attempt to print in the air as layer 2.

Thank you very much, and I appreciate the feedback about that tiny lump! It only appeared for me when I tried to print at 0.12mm layer height which I haven't done before. The models have been fixed and uploaded!

Gonna be printing this in my wood filament

Go for it, good luck with your print!

I'd love to take this to my local ren fair in 2 weeks, but the bugs would cause problems. Could you design versions with a hinging cap?

Kinda like this, but whatever design you like obviously!


https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:545739 while its not as stylish as that. this could serve as a decent replacement for that

Drink Can Lid

I wish I had thought that into the design to make a hinging cap version! It's a bit tricky to add in now, and would be simpler to add on a new design, but I am planning to make that in the future!

In your mind when you designed this, what material is the handle made out of? It almost looks like it could be bone or a tooth! Are you still working on the tall boy mug you talked about? Really great work, can't wait to print this and post my make!

The tallboy version is now available! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3743471

16oz and 500ml Can Holder, now including 12oz fl (slim), 23oz, 23.5oz, and 25oz

It was kind of improvised but in my mind I think of it as a piece of driftwood that was used for it. I see the bone resemblance, that could be a cool look for sure!

I actually just peeled off a test print this morning of a tallboy version, and it came out nicely! Just a few changes and it should be up tomorrow. Thank you very much, I look forward to see your make!

I keep getting a layer shift around the handle bout half way up any suggestions?

I'm sorry to hear the print is failing! That sounds strange, have you printed other things that has the same height as the mug without problems? Can you post a picture of it? Then I will double check the geometry around that layer height.

Yea ive printed tall things before never had this issuse. I printed the no handle one perfect only the handle seems to mess it

I see, that is strange. At least I can see you're making use of the failed print to test paint!

Have you tried to make a new slice/file? I have once tried where a file was somehow 'corrupt' and would mess up at a certain point, until I remade the file. But I will check up on the geometry at that layer height tomorrow.

I tried to look into it but I honestly can't figure out what causes the problem. My best bet is that it is a 'corrupt' slice, but should I figure this out I will let you know!

I love this print. Question, what was this modeled in?

Thank you, that's great to hear! The base model was made in Maya and exported to Zbrush to sculpt the details.

how did you paint this so perfectly?

That is kind of you to say so! A lot of the painting techniques are based on the same as for painting miniatures.

I posted a written guide further down in the description on how I painted it!

This is so great!
Do you think it is a problem if i stretch it up to fit a 50cl can?
Nearly our whole party is addicted to Monster Energy and this would be so great!

Hi again! I figured out how to fix it and there is now a 50cl can version up: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3743471

16oz and 500ml Can Holder, now including 12oz fl (slim), 23oz, 23.5oz, and 25oz

Thank you so much. Thats awesome!

Thank you very much!
I have tried myself to stretch it so it could fit a 50cl can, I can say that it is possible, but unfortunately the round rivets will become stretched, but it will be functioning!

I tried resculpting it to be taller but it didn't look great, sadly I should have thought about that in the initial design process, to make room for those Monster Energy needs! For a future design I will definitely keep this in mind :)

Very cool!
It occurs to me that you could put a lid on it like a beer stein. That would make it a bit better for keeping dice in and handy for keeping a beer covered. (I've taken a big drink of my beer only to find that a bee had been attracted and crawled into the can! Everyone thought it was pretty strange that I was spitting beer out and I looked pretty funny walking around with my lip all swollen up like someone had punched me! LOL!)
Nice work!

Thank you very much! :) Haha, ouch, that would indeed have been ideal with a lid for that situation! But that's a very good idea, if I can work it into the model I'll do that, or add it in to a future mug design. Thanks for the suggestion, hope your free lip expansion is doing better again!

Well, getting stung in my lip wasn't a fun experience, but it was pretty generally amusing, believe it or not. :-D
Glad I could suggest something that might work out well.

It just occurred to me that you might even design a cup that will fit around a food-safe liner that the drink could just be poured directly into. While such things already exist they aren't generally anywhere near as cool as what you've made!

Haha, that's at least something, and it makes for a good story and an argument for lids on cans outside!

I thought of something like that too actually! More like a paper/plastic cup that could fit inside, but realizing that those cup sizes are all over the place and not easy to design for! But you say food-safe liner, is there some other solution I'm not aware of that could work you think?

Making something food-safe is pretty problematic. I don't know where you are but here, in the US, I would expect to get sued at some point for claiming that something is food-safe. To the point that I would not ever make a claim that something is safe for food even if I absolutely believed it to be. I'd be wary of even making something that appears to be intended for food usage if I were planning to sell it.

In a place where manufacturers of plastic bags put warning labels on them telling people not to put them over their heads and tie them shut around their necks because they are concerned that they will get sued when someone does it you can't really expect the courts to consider end-users to have even the slightest measure of common sense. The, "ordinary, reasonable person," standard is pretty much dead here. These days it's more about who can be the most sympathetic victim.

It's really just another form of rent-seeking behavior to ensure the limitation of competition for giant corporations (who can afford enough lawyers to put a warning for every imaginable act on every product). This is the response of giant, ponderous corporations to new technology: Stifle it as much as possible until you can absorb it and extract profit from it.

Great model man!! any chance you can make it for 16 0z cans? (470mm3) I i scale it up will be to wide, if i scale just the heigh then the round metal details will be deformed. Thanks in advance!!

Hi again! I figured out how to fix it and there is now a 50cl can version up: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3743471

16oz and 500ml Can Holder, now including 12oz fl (slim), 23oz, 23.5oz, and 25oz

Thank you! :) I tried the exact same thing as you describe, that scaling it would make the small rivets go out of shape. I didn't really find a good solution to this as I hadn't thought about it for the initial design. Maybe removing the round rivets so it can be scaled higher would be a solution?

I plan on making another mug, a bit orc-ish design, that will support multiple can sizes :)

I have a 120x120x120m print area. Will I be able to print this?

If you like the version without the handle and feet, then it should fit your print bed exactly! It's dimensions are 115x115x112.

Any chance you could upload the handle and feet separately, so I can print them?

I'm sorry about the late reply, I have looked into it, printing a separate handle would be doable, but separate feet probably too tricky to come out nicely. But if you're interested in that, let me know and I can send you a version of that :)

Well, it's funny you mention that. My dumb ass broke the Y-axis motor last weekend trying to release a print from the print bed. So I've got an Ender 3 arriving in the next 24 hours. :P

I'll be able to print this now!

Haha, oh damn I'm sorry to hear about your old printer, but good luck with your new one! I just received an Ender 3 as well today, seems like a good quality printer for the price!

Got a coworker who has one, too. His is pretty legit, so I'm looking forward to toying around with this.

Cool, that's nice to hear as I have yet to experience it first hand. Should you print a mug I would love to see the result of it!

This thing is awesome! Well done. I've already printed two of them. Any chance you could make a version without the handle and feet? Just the barrel?

A barrel version has been uploaded!

Thank you, I'm glad it's worth printing twice! A barrel version is definitely possible, I will look into that soon :) I'm also thinking of lowering the inside height, so the can sits a little deeper, I will be adding that to it as well. Your prints looks nice by the way, thanks for sharing them!

Can you add a file without the feet?

I uploaded a feet-less version, hope you'll like it, and feel free to post a picture if you print it! Thank you for the suggestion :)

I have thought about the same, I will see what I can do!