Single Central Magnet Motor Actuator Generator (SCM MAG)

by TanyaAkinora Jan 10, 2019
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Hi Tanya, have seen your power generation and wind mill concept. Looks well done !
Are you able to indicate how many watts your SCM can provide at e.g. 200 RPM or 400 RPM, or whatever RPM you have been testing with?
My interest is, that I really would like to play with harvesting wind (for fun, maybe for charging a car battery size or similar), but I want to have an idea of the potential power generation (not so motivating to make something e.g. less than 50 watt).
Any indications?

I suggest you watch the video and wait a bit.
I am going to publish an improved version of the generator.

I will be looking very much forward to that!.
Both generator and printable turbine looks promising.
Meanwhile I wonder the combination of your designed generator, and this:

You design the coolest stuff! :D

Awesome! How much power does it take to actuate it...definitely a cool replacement idea for those printer bot pen lift units
Really awesome design!

28x28 is NEMA 11 size

Thank you!
Calculations show that such an engine can provide a torque of at least NEMA17. But a driver and feedback system are needed. This is the next step.