Gothic Lithophane Light

by 3DPRINTINGWORLD Jan 13, 2019
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I watched the video, and wrote down the settings.
Visit: http://3dp.rocks/lithophane/ Select Flat
Model settings:
Size 100mm
Max Thickness 3.5
2mm Border
0.5mm Min Thickness.
Vectors per Pixel 4
Base 0
Curve 0
Image Settings:
Positive Image

Hope this helps :)

is there any alternative to the light you can use bc im looking for the cheapest way than the one that you use that still works decent and is still LED

The led is $4 each and the socket is $5. Cheaper then that? You can try filling it full of Christmas lights...

Hei, can you share a stp file or a other 3D file from your lamp?
I would change the middle for other lamp.
thank you very much :)
best regards

Where is the assembly video?

Hi, I have a problem with file GOTHIC_LITO_BASE: when opening it in Cura, I get a grey square (please see attached file).
Any ideas why this is happening and how can I solve it?

That is weird, is it upside down under the print bed? Sorry I dont use cura...

No, it's not upside down. I should at least see it. I can't even select it to try to move or to rotate it. I have tried to open the stl in fusion 360 and to export out again...same result

Maybe try bringing in to Meshmixer or netfab and do a repair? No problems with Slic3r or S3D.

the video shows 4 pictures, shouldn't it have 5? one for the top?

thanks, and the top picture should be the same size as the other 4 pictures?

sorry buddy how can I take photos to size? even modifying the photos like you did in the video or they get smaller or narrower !!!! Can't you help me please? I leave you a picture to understand my problem

Are you cropping the photo square?

yes I also set square as a photo format but nothing goes into the box

I dont really understand why its not working but I would think the issue is that the photo is not square before being generated into a lithophane.

Can I ask what your infill settings were for the base and top? Just want it sturdy but not unnecessarily so since that affects print time. Thanks.

I typically run 5 top/4 bottom, 15% infill, 2 layers.

Hello. What is the dimension of the lithophane pictures that will fit to that box? Thank you

I think 100mm x 100mm but its been a while, its in the video.

Can i continue to share frame photos on my instagram? There is no price and selling.

Thanks for contacting me. Your post stated otherwise, you used my photo like it was your own, and there was no reference to me. I honestly don't mind if you want to sell to your friends and family but don't like when I see it advertised for sale on the insta. Maybe it was lost in translation but you could remove "contact for orders". If you want to continue to use my photo you could give credit to 3dprintingworld....

Thanks for creating such a wonderful design! The detail on this is amazing and it prints out very nicely on my Ender 3. I'm making this for a family member and I'm considering following your idea of painting it matte black and using gold for the highlights. Your description mentions you'll eventually post a YouTube video showing how you did all this, but in the mean time could you post a few photos of how it turned out with the gold highlights?

I still hope to made that video but it just takes time and money to do it right and I keep finding new projects to work on. The photos actually have the gold highlights, it just really hard to show in a photo but it looks great in person. I'll see if I can find a way to show it off better.

I'm going to go ahead and do the gold highlights anyway.. I'll post pics of my finished project. BTW, the threaded inserts you linked to are no longer carried on Amazon.. I'm hoping these will be a suitable replacement: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LBRG65J/

You should, it really looks nice. I have changed that link twice.... I think they are popular and keep selling out. I cant confirm that one will work. I know these will work, but they are not from amazon.

Again, thanks for an amazing design. My lithophane light turned out awesome and I posted a "make" with photos. I just wanted to confirm that these M3 threaded inserts on Amazon work fine:

Also, I created an adapter to work with your design that will make it compatible with other socket bases:

Gothic Lithophane Alternate Socket Adapter

can I buy a license from you fro commercial use?

Thanks for your interest but I don't like to license my designs as I like to reserve the right to sell them myself.

Weird things are happening in Slic3r PE when using the suggested Lithophane tool. Any idea what's causing it?

That is really strange! I would try it again with a different picture and see if you get the same result.

I used a different photo editing software and Slic3r PE on Windows and it worked.

Your instructions say m3 inserts but the amazon link is for m4. Which one did you use?

M3, I fixed the link.


First off, this is an amazing thing you've created, and I'm planning to print one as a gift very soon, so thank you for making and sharing it. I've watched your video tutorial on creating the lithophanes, so I should have that sorted with no issue (thanks again). In your video, you've stated that you printed the lithopanes at a 0.2 resolution, and I just wanted to know what resolution you printed the base\frame? Was it also at 0.2 resolution?

You are welcome, glad you like it! Yes, I used the same .2 resolution for the frame as well.

What are the picture sizes to print

Its in the video at some point but the lithopanes need to be printed 100mm square.

I finally got the frame of this thing printed and I must say this is a near flawless design with beauty to match. Well done sir!
I still need to add the electronics (once I decide what to use) and print the lithos. But I can tell it is going to look incredible.
I printed one litho square to test, and everything fits together perfectly. Almost brought tears to my eyes! :-)
Can't wait to finish this.

Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution!

Hey, thanks for saying that! I dread when I get a notification for a comment as most of time because its a complaint but sometimes its nice to hear some positive feedback!

Is there a version of the base that doesn't have your logo built into it?
That logo adds quite a bit of unnecessary time to the whole print, and my budget printer is having trouble getting it to stick properly.


Nevermind, I just lowered the whole print down .5mm and that removed it.

What filament did you use, and how did you paint it?

Its in the summary.

Great design. Thanks. I made it for valentines day for my wife. She loves it. I didn't like the idea of running on AC power, so instead I used USB power and a roll of LED lights. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015R3TTP6/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I printed a tube to hold the LEDs and hot glued it to the base.

I didn't use the threaded studs either, butI used a 3M screw from the bottom up (pressed in with a soldering iron. Also wired in a USB switch to the lamp. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CG2VGWG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o03__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Hey this Lamp is realy awesome.

I need one for my uncle with hunting scenes instead of the sun sybols. Could you guide me how i can do this?

Hmm...What software do you use? It would not be real easy, I had a really hard time with it in my software. The base is a loft and Inventor has a hard time with organic shapes like this and really slowed everything down and made it much more difficult. I would start by drawing your scene in front of the base then extrude it into the base, after you remove the original design. I know that probably did not help to much but I wish you luck!

I Cant get the base to load up in cura . it gets halfway and freezes. Cura is working fine for all my other files. what slicer did you use?

I dont have cura but its fine with Slc3r and S3D.

Intermediate Base Porcelain 75W-250V 1/8 IP Hickey Socket Lampholder doesn't have prime shipping. Is there an alternative that I can get in a short amount of time

Sorry, I have not been able to find it on prime.

Beautiful! I've been working to spruce up my box I designed with more artistic features. But, you've nailed it!

Thanks man! I had fun drawing all the little details.

puedes poner los archivos de el marco y la base ?

The stl for the base is in the files section. It just doesn't show up in the viewer for some reason. I think its because the file is so large.

First, I love it, its so beautiful, but I cant found the corners

I don't understand? There are three parts; Base, clamp, and the top. The base is not showing up in the viewer but if you go to the file section it is there.

Sorry, I didnt realize that the corners are attached to the base, I saw it when I open the file.