Flat Bottomed Adjustable Z-Sliders

by tirelessirony Jan 12, 2019
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I cannot order the heat inserts from amazon in europe. I've now ordered different one's, but they are only 4.5 milimeters in diameter. Could you please provide the CAD file so I can modify the model that it will fit my heat inserts?

Unfortunately, not really. I bought an assorted box of those type - I believe they're for injection molded plastics - and had mixed results. They like to spin in place and never gripped the 3D printed parts well. I think it's because the widest part (the 'teeth') are at the top and bottom while the center is narrower and smooth. Ive used them for shallow fastening screws before, but with these and the adjustable belt tensioners, the main screw is fiddled with in such a way that the brass insert coming loose would make them unusable. The initeq brand design has small, angled grooves at the widest part in the center (they call it twill knurled). That keeps it tight and flush once set. Brass is brass, and truthfully they 'could' work - but aren't ideal and may see a few prints marred. I'd imagine the height/length can vary a bit w/o too much issue, but more brass with striations (up to the length designated above) will be better. Hope that helps.

So, I printed two sets of the Adjustable Z-Sliders, one on ABS and one in PETG. The PETG version was way too tight, but the one printed in ABS worked perfectly. Did not have to resize for ABS printing either (for the shrinkage).

These look great! Thanks for sharing them here! Do I have to resize them if I want to print them in ABS, or are they good to go as is?

I've not printed them in ABS and I don't have any (good) experience printing with true ABS, so I can't really say or test it. Sorry. They come out great using M3D's ABS-R material (which is fancy PETG), but if you manage to get them working with true ABS, I'd love to know.