Ender 3 MKS Gen L Board Relocator/Adaptor

by mlynch002 Jan 12, 2019
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ok your files are a bit confusing to follow. other than the bracket.. what is the latest box version and lid version?


If you look at the complete files name, the ones for 20mm fans have "20mm fan" as part of the file name.


MKS_Main_Case_cover_MWL_REMIX.stl is the cover for any 10mm fan main case and MKS_Main_Case_cover_MWL_REMIX_20mmfan.stl is for any main case with the 20mm fan.

and the main cases as follows:

MKS_Main_Case_MWL_REMIX_3.0_mount_holes_10mmfan.stl is the latest 10mm version


MKS_Main_Case_MWL_REMIX_3.0_mount_holes_20mmfan.stl is the latest 20mm version

both of these versions have the extra openings for the ribbon cables.

MKS_Main_Case_MWL_REMIX_2.0_mount_holes_20mmfan.stl is the older 20mm version, without the extra ribbon cable holes. I will likely delete this file to lessen confusion.

Sorry for the confusion.

Feel free to ask questions if this does not clear things up.


This would be perfect for your application as well. First of all, the mounting depth of the box, from the bottom of the board to the bottom of the lid is 35mm. so it should be plenty deep. I have added some additional 4mm mounting holes under the board, (see the attached STL File) . I would recommend using some sort of standoff or spacer between the box and the mounting surface to allow some space for the wiring to enter through the back side of the board as that is where the majority of the wiring is intended to enter. Of course, if that one large hole on the end of the box is sufficient, then this would not be necessary.

Excellent. I'll start printing now and let you know how it works out. Thanks for your help.

Be sure to get the latest files from THINGIVERSE. I have made some changes to the cover/door and the main case body.

Got the new files, printed it out. Looks like it's going to work fine. You might consider extending the fan section to allow a 20mm thick fan.
I'm just going to print an extender ring and glue it on. I like the 20mm thick fans because you can spin them slower to be quieter.
The heatsinks clear with no problems.

I added a 20mm space for the fans and modified the cover as well. I did not print this, but is should fit the fan as the fan space is just over 20mm. Same as the previous version except for the fan spacing. If you print this, let me know if it works and I will post this as well.

That looks great! I will see what I get into with the 20mm fan extension. Should not be an issue. Would you mind if I picked your brain after I get my board? I might want a copy of your Marlin Software to give me a shortcut to get running, if you would not mind sharing?? I am not real confident about getting this all changed over. Are you using the Original LCD Display? I am excited that you were able to use my design to improve your setup.

Sure, I haven't started the Marlin config yet, but I'll be using 1.1.9. I'm using the original LCD display. I use Octoprint so I'm not worried about the SD card slot. I may have to fix my LCD cable because I cut it for my BLTouch, no biggie. Also, I believe the cable gets turned 180 degrees, so I have to cut a notch into the connector where the cable goes on the LCD. Hope to have this done within the next few days.

If you get the chance, let me know how it works out. I have Marlin 1.1.9 downloaded, but am currently using TH3D 2.7, a Marlin derivative. My Board is on the way. but is a couple of weeks from delivery. I have a 2nd Ender 3 arriving this week, so I can modify one and still have a working example if needed. I am wanting to eventually get a touch screen, if possible. I read somewhere about turning the connector around on the board by simply prying off the plastic connector from the pins on the board and rotating 180, saves cutting a notch in the connector.

This looks like what I need. I built a custom Ikea Lack table enclosure and moved the control board and power supply outside of the heated area to the section underneath. I've purchased an MKS Gen L to replace the Melzi board and I'd like to clean up the install using your box. Is there any chance of adding a 4 general purpose mounting holes under where the board mounts? Also, will this board fit with TMC2130 drivers and heat sinks? The distance from the bottom of the board to the top of the heat sink is about 30mm.

I've included pictures for clarity.