Shendrones Squirt V2 parts

by andyshen Jan 12, 2019
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Thank you for having such an open source design. Printing my ducts now and they look great. Squirt v2 carbon on order!

what do you think would be the consequences of printing a harder material like abs for the ducts?

It'll work fine but will be less durable.

not a big deal but when you did your slot extrusion on the hero mount (squirt_hero_damped_10_slotted) you did a "through all" so those slots are at the top of the mount. I believe it's the same on other parts. Thanks

It's so you can access the screw with an allen wrench.

How many Parameters should be the duct? Slic3r makes 2? and for the thick 3? is it right?

No, mounting points are different.

hi the duct v2 file is corrupt impossible to print on 3 printer and 3 different gcode !!!

Yeah, I get a very weird result when I slice the .stl. https://i.imgur.com/1ZgKH86.png

Did you find a fix?

Added a slightly thicker duct, might help with Cura.

Yep, sure did. Works fine now, thanks!

I love your work, building a squirt and a nutmeg right now :D !

Is there any way you share your simplify 3d TPU settings ? :)

Right side up is always best.

For the beefier ducts I assume print those upside down is best?

Comments deleted.

Hi, andyshen

I have a question about the filament material.

Which filament should I use?
Can I share Cura print output settings?

I used TPU and it was too soft.

Please share your experience. :)

I use Sainsmart TPU. I use Simplify 3d, not Cura. Did you print with 100% infill?

The ducts will be pretty soft, that's why they're supported at 3 points per circle. Once they're mounted they're rigid enough.

Do you print all parts from TPU, or just the ducts and cam mount?
What do you recommend for the other parts? Do you have a favorite filament?

Until now I have been printing only with PLA and PETG, so for this project I am going to order Sainsmart TPU and whatever other filament you might recommend.

I use Esun TPU. I use Cura.
I set infiill to 100% But it is too soft.

Sainsmart TPU is in Korea. Do not sell. :(
I am looking for the right filament.

Thx Andy :)