UR65 super whoop frame

by Brownie1982 Jan 12, 2019
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Makers should post a video :D

Big big thanks for sharing the design!

I'd love to support KababFPV I just can not afford it :-(

i just wanted to see if i could do it!
if you decide to go ahead with it, make sure you lower the max throttle on your radio by about 10% because when using a 55mm prop it causes the motors to suck to many amps and youll end up getting death rolls!

I just flew my UR65 for the first time Sunday and was pretty disappointed in the performance. Coming from a brushed Betafpv 65s I was hoping the UR65 would wash out less and handle flips and rolls better. Honestly it's pretty much exactly like flying my 65s was.

Does moving to a frame like this with the 65mm props improve performance noticeably in your opinion?

Also do you happen to know the total weight without battery on your build?

Awesome design by the way, I'm about to print it now. Thanks for posting it!

yessss its like a little beast!
please reduce your max throttle on your radio if you decide to try it with 55mm props as it will cause death rolls.
think its caused by the motors sucking too many amps! i reduced mine by 12%

yes this is what inspired me to try my own version! :D

Damnnn, that's more like it.

I just printed an adapter plate to put the entire canopy of my UR65 on an old 110mm carbon frame I had laying around. 30g total with UR65 motors and props, no battery. 450mAh 1s GNB cells and 65mm kingkong props will be here tomorrow. Debating if I need 0804 motors or if I should try to get my UR65 motors to work on this frame (motors 3 hole vs frame 4 hole). I'm tempted to just get the 0804 12000kV Tachyon motors.

What kind of performance are you getting out of your transplanted UR65 motors in your printed frame? I went to Kebab's site and he mentions 0603 motors like the UR65's are only good for 'hovering around' with the 65mm props in superwhoop mode.

if your planning on using the standard ur65 motors kingkong props wont fit as the hole is 1mm and the shaft on the ur65 motors is 0.8mm
I used hubsan x4 55mm props with a dab of hotglue in the hole. they hold on real well.

Awesome, thanks for the prop hole size info, I forgot to check that. Between that and the motor holes not matching my frame holes I'm just going to order the 0804 motors I think.

If you order them 0804 motors I think the shaft size is 1mm so you'll be ok!

That would be perfect, I think I'll grab them. Thanks for all your help!