Peters 7-seg all mechanical display prototype 2

by swepet Jan 13, 2019
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Awesome thing! Do you plan to add some kind of feedback (maybe hall sensor or encoder) in new designs?

Great work !!!
I have been searching this kind of 7 segment display to be driven by one motor / stepper / servo only for a single digit.
Finally you have done it.
Thanks Man.
I always use the mechanical 7 segment watch as a reference.
Maybe this watch may inspire you with some clues
But your version is much simple and easy to achieve.

I know you're working on a new one, but have you considered a Geneva mechanism for the 10s counter? It should be much more reliable than your partially toothed gear I think. Great work so far though, I like the idea a lot.

Parametric Geneva Mechanism
by jessed

That was the first thing a thought of, however i wanted something simpler. A Geneva mechanism have to be "2 layers", the intermittent gear design is just one layer.. And as i want the design to be as flat as possible, with a intermittent gear mechanism i just need to add 1 layer to the drive gear, with the geneva i would have needed to add 2layers to the drive wheel.. And also the intermittent gear i have tested works just fine :-)