Halo/Tron inspired Ring

by GirgisDesigns May 19, 2014
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How choose the size ?

Does anyone have any setting recommendations that would help this print?

i need a ring size 10 usa , So what file do i click on?

What's the size? And you should make some sort of chart for scaling to different sizes :3 I'll be using a uPrint SE Plus

You can find your size here: http://www.ringsizes.co/
The files are already scaled to the sizes in this chart
Good luck! would love to see your print!

Its probably worth noting that this isnt printable on an FDM. This is SLS only!! Which is expensive (shapeways) to get made. No ammount of support or orientation will get a good print on an FDM with this model, dont waste time or filament on it. Whoever designed it, knew they whernt using FDM. Either that, or they dont know what theyre doing.

i dont see YOUR halo /tron inspiered ring

Hi. I've just printed it with my fdm printer and it's easily doable. If you're using cura, you just have to enable support, but with the option «touching the buildplate» and everything should work fine.

Really? What is your problem DevWolf (cute name) Before you go out and slam somebody for something they made, why don't you first consider the time and energy that is put into their work! Hmmm... Work? I am guessing that is a concept that might elude you or perhaps your just unfamiliar with it. Either way, try considering others first.

If some one is going to post something to print, and took the time and effort to make it - it should be assumed that they did it right, and not waste peoples time, and filament on an untested design. Its called being professional.

AmbrosiusMalachai, I'm not quite sure what your angle is on your comment? My comment to DevWolf was concise and to the point. His comments were without merit and he seemed to just want to see his words in type and to feel important by criticizing somebody else. Your words were more thought out and your reservations in being insulting were noted.
I am new to the 3D printing community and even with that I have now built two printers from scratch one axial and I just finished a delta both are FDM in design and I experienced a very good print from the files posted. So then in my opinion and with my personal experience DevWolf either has very limited equipment or perhaps he is just a jerk.

His comments do not fall in line with the nature of this community, that being one that's goals are for the improvement of the capabilities of machines and software and the help of others.

Now about your comments, I think the poster did do it right because I had a nice print, it did take a couple atempst but once I adjusted some setting It was such a good print that when it was completed my son decided he wanted it. so oh well, I lost it... lol. as for the waste of filament? what you and I are talking here a couple nickles wort of material. and in my opinion it was very professional post.

Thanks for your opinion, and I hope I supported mine accordingly.

Maybe have a look under the "made" section on this ring before commenting..

I tired this one a few times and couldn't get a successful print. The problem is there is a spot where the extruder head tries to print across air. I tried using support, but non ever printed. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any tips would be great. I'll try again later. Very cool design, though.

Have you tried printing the ring on its side? and im not sure what software you print with but there may be some better settings for smaller items hidden in there somewhere?

Love the ring design. I was in the middle of making one somewhat similar when I came across this...
Can you talk about your modeling process? What software and techniques did you use?
The one Im making is basically taking a pipe object to ring size then using booleans to cut out portions of the ring.
Would love to hear as much detail about your modeling process as your willing to divulge. Thanks.

Hey vjanomolee
The methods used to create something like this really depends on the software you use.
I use solidworks for most of my work.
From memory (i made this a while ago)

  • i found the circumfrence of the outside of the cylinder
  • made a rectangle to that length and width of the ring
  • made 2D linework from a sketch within that rectangle
  • Wrapped the lifework around the model with the wrap feature in solidworks and cut different depths into the model.
    I'm not sure what software you use but basically if you can make the ring flat then wrap it around a cylinder just make sure you match the length of the ring the the circumference you wrap it around
    and keep me posted id love to see what you make
    Hope this helps
  • Daniel