highly integrated BMG / E3D v6 extruder mount - multi-platform - CAD-files included

by babyjail Jan 15, 2019
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If this was designed using Fusion360 would you mind sharing the .f3d (Fusion project file)?
I would like to modify the design in order to accept a Sanyo Denki 109BC12GC7-1 52x52 radial fan blower. According to the description page it needs a 50x50 one.

IIRC you can import the provided STEP-files into Fusion.

Does anyone know of a mount that fits this design on a CR-10S?

I love your design and ordered a linear rail to upgrade my x axis (plus the cost for just one isn't bad), just so I could adapter your mod exactly as you have it. However in order to do so, I need to understand what your X-axis gantry bracket consists of (I've attached an image). Unfortunately you didn't post a pics from above, looking down at your assembly. If you could even link me to the file for it if its public that would be greatly appreciated(unless it's steel). I'd also like to see how your X-axis belt is attached to the bracket. If I remove the wheels then the bracket needs to go and I need to understand how to create and attach a new one. ^_^

Hey :)
Have a look at the screenshot, should explain everything. you can get the exact dimensions of the bracket by measuring the part in the STEP-file...

Awesome, thank you for the pic and information! My last question (because I don't know how necessary they are)... What are the bumpers designed for that I circled in the image? Do these rest on the 2020 extrusion or are they simply there 'just in case' so the aluminum bracket doesn't scrape on the 2020 in some crazy event? Or are they the main thing holding the belt and keeping it tight besides the crimps?

I have the parts printed by I was planning to the attached the belt on the underside of the 2020, similar to how my Tornado originally came, for a cleaner look. I'm wondering if I need said bumpers.

Thanks again! :)

Beautiful design, neat and to the point :-)
One could only dream of a BLTouch mount too ;-)

I have designed a very simple BLTouch mount that sits between the 40mm fan and the extruder mount. See the attached picture. Will post a make and a thing soon. FYI Thanks babayjail - amazing design!!!

highly integrated BMG / E3D v6 extruder mount - ender3 auxiliary parts

I was going to make my own but I love your design. simple and puts the BLT in a great place! Thanks!

That looks awesome! Happy to see someone printing and using it :)

I hope that even more users will use it now!! Great work :)

Very clean and smart design. I wish BLTouch support integrated. I am trying in fusion360 but i am beginner. Everybody wish me good luck! :P

Youtube for tutorials, starting with sketches. If you keep at it, it isn't so bad and is very rewarding.

I’m currently working on adapting your extruder to an Ender 3 without the liner rail and including optional mounts for EZABL and BLTouch type sensors.

Awesome design Scuddy, can I know how you are going with it? I don't mind being a beta tester for your design. Ender 5 and CR10s here.

Hey, great work! Babyjail and Scuddy
Can you share with us your work? I would love to use that on my Ender 3 :)

Looks nice! Very cool!
Are you planning on using a printed adapter plate? Have you tried to using the stock metal plate? Mounting this onto a printed carriage plate will result in a lot of flex...
I never used the original carriage, I immediatly changed it for a linear rail..

I love your design. Great work! Can it be installed on a stock CR10/Ender 3 without the liner rail?

It can bei adapted, that's why I included the CAD-files. Please read the description.

I like how you arranged to keep the nozzle not too far below the MG12H bearings. A lot of BMG installations have the nozzle some 5 inches or so below that axis, which can give the nozzle a lot of room to wiggle around when the bearing has any give at all. I tried to design a carriage for my FT-5 to keep the nozzle up high by putting the motor and BMG over the extruded bar, but overdid it --- the bed can't go as high as the nozzle without mods! Not hard to put a riser for the bed, though, but maybe if I had mounted the motor and BMG along side the extruded bar like you did I could have avoided the need for doing that. Anyway, nice looking design.

very nice clean design. any chance of adding a bl touch for it? looks like its mounted on a e3 or cr10 with MGN 12 rails. did you use the default plate mounting holes or did you make something custom. With the stepper motor over the x are you loosing z height?

Nice and compact design.

But you are sure the blue silicone heat block cover is installed that way?
Can you also explain what is the water test for? I mean - what is the purpose of it?

I've edited the description text. Yes, the silicone sock is mounted backwards, I did this intentionally to insulate the hotend from the mount, preventing the mount to get too hot.
Of course one can mount the sock also in way it was intended.

The water test... Never seen that before? It's just to show where the air-stream hits the part below the nozzle, how big the bulge is (yeaaah, I know, I know) and to see wether there are big ripples or disturbances on the water surface. Not sure how useful this "test" is, nevertheless... It's anice visualitation.